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Expenses to be taken into account in the “new normal”

June 1, 2020

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Expenses to be taken into account in the “new normal”Expenses to be taken into account in the “new normal”

June 1 ends in Mexico National Day of Sana DistanciDue to the Covid-19, this means the gradual return to the normality of certain activities, which are carried out using a four-color traffic light that changes depending on the number of people accommodated in the country’s capital.

The new normal does not mean that the population can already take to the streets nationwide and that the hygienic safety measures are not abolished. The Mexico City According to authorities, it will remain at a red light until June 15 at least.

In addition to the key activities that have already been opened, the construction, mining and automotive industries are expected to gradually open up, which will be able to resume operations while maintaining a previously verified health protocol.

“Returning to normal is not only going to be a difficult process for employers who need to adapt their businesses to additional security measures to protect their employees. This also means a challenge for people to maintain budgetary control and prevent the family economic crisis from becoming more severe than expected, ”said Sebastián Medrano, director of

The cost of returning to normal will vary depending on the business line of the company and the number of employees, because without exception they have to invest in fixed disinfection measures, warn the Business Coordinating Council (CCC) and the employers’ association of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex).

To take into account the basic personal expenses that people need to keep in their budgets when they return to normal, the financial services platform issues the following recommendations:

1. Portable disinfectants, masks, masks and face protection (required)

Image: Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

When people’s mobility on the street increases, everyone must carry their hygiene kit or their own alcohol-based gel, portable soap as well Face protection, masks or face masks required.

Keep in mind that infections are still valid. Take these new fixed costs into account as this is a precautionary measure that increases the cost of contagion, such as: Medication, can be avoided because your company has an administrative penalty in the event of omission or you cannot access some websites without protection, hospitalization or even fatal damage. To set a standard, the price of each mask is between 20 and 500 pesos. A good alternative is to consider washable and reusable devices.

2. Personal and portable packaging for food, water and utensils

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Not all restaurants can be opened for local consumption or with the same capacity. On the other hand, many people can bring their own groceries to avoid risks and higher costs. Think about which mechanism is the safest and most accessible, which guarantees you security and preferably gives you more return on a single investment.

3. Provide transportation and food, ideally safe

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To do this, you may need to link your card or bank account to transportation apps, groceries, and electronic wallets. Despite the fact that some activities are being restored, the ideal is to keep minimal contact with sources of infection that are still dangerous.

If you need to get back to work, consider the cost of using a taxi, Uber, Didi, if public transport still doesn’t guarantee trust. Or share the cost of a car with colleagues or family.

Since restaurants do not have a fixed opening date, it is helpful to have apps for the delivery of food. For different payments or emergency costs (food and water) that you make in convenience stores like Oxxo, Seven7, avoid touching cash, choose payment by card or mobile phone when you activate methods like CODI or digital collection.

4. Invest in insurance

Picture: Dan Gold on Unsplash

Infections are increasing. If you have to work again for reasons of force majeure and you are in good health, this is the ideal time to consider taking out insurance for major medical expenses, hospitalization or life insurance. In the event that an infection later occurs, you have a personal guarantee of assistance to cover unforeseen expenses that can seriously affect your immediate ability to pay. Hospital insurance can range from 800 pesos to more than 30,000 pesos per year.