Exchange Coincheck helps CryptoKitties expand in Japan

Coincheck, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, The advance into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is being driven forward with a new partnership with the developer CryptoKitties.

According to an announcement on October 6, Coincheck has partnered with Dapper Labs, which has developed one of the world’s most popular decentralized applications for the Ethereum blockchain.

Coincheck said the new partnership will bring NFTs to a mostly Japanese audience by promoting millions of its users.. Coincheck plans to integrate the CryptoKitties app into its next NFT market. The exchange is also considering implementing the flow blockchain established by Dapper Labs, which is expected to be rolled out in late 2020.

Exchange Coincheck helps CryptoKitties expand in Japan
Exchange Coincheck helps CryptoKitties expand in Japan

According to an announcement by Dapper Labs, Coincheck’s next NFT will contain “only the most reputable NFTs”, starting with CryptoKitties on the new Flow blockchain. Dapper Labs CBO and co-founder Mik Naayem said the company will also work with Coincheck to introduce a number of other uses such as crypto art.

Mid-September 2020 Coincheck announced its plans to build its own NFT market. The next marketplace is supported by a plug-in from the blockchain startup EnjinCraft, which makes it playable on selected Minecraft servers.

In August 2020, Coincheck announced plans to launch an initial exchange offer for Ethereum’s Palette blockchain platform. Palette supports NFT tokens for a variety of purchases related to Japanese manga comics, sports, and music.

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