Exchange Argentina LesBit will start operations in Colombia and Peru in November

The Argentine decentralized financial exchange LesBit will begin its expansion in Latin America from Novemberto lay the foundation after achieving high levels of performance in 2020.

After a year of hard work and efforts to perfect its value proposition in the country, the cryptocurrency investment and payments site, LesBit carries out its activities in the Latin American regions of Colombia and Peru, where users from these regions can buy cryptocurrencies with their local currency with no commissions and in turn it allows more users immersed in this ecosystem to enter the cryptographic market.

According to Santos Barrio, the startup’s chief operating officer, this expansion was part of its goals.

Exchange Argentina LesBit will start operations in Colombia and Peru in November
Exchange Argentina LesBit will start operations in Colombia and Peru in November

“It has been a year of hard work that has resulted in tremendous growth. One of the problems facing us was to reach our neighboring countries to enable the democratization of finance in more and more places in Latin America,” explained Santos Barrio, from Letâ ???? sBit.

For his part, Agustín Abraham, Marketing Manager at Letâ ?? sBit, affirms that his main objective was to provide its users with the benefits of a simple, secure and transparent platform when they first started out in this ecosystem.

â ???? One of the main goals of Letâ ??? claims Agustín Abraham, Marketing Manager.

Foundation for expansion

The cryptocurrency broker has set up various pillars to achieve the proposed goals, which were developed over the course of the year and which allowed it to perfect its product and expand into neighboring countries.

One of the aspects raised by the cryptocurrency platform has been the automation that has enabled them to provide their users with the equalization charge, purchase and withdrawal of assets at the time that is most convenient for them.

Likewise, they have set up an educational pillar in which they have their own guide to cryptocurrencies called Letâ ?? s start. This guide will enable users entering the world of cryptocurrency to learn about the concepts â ????more basicâ ????, about trading, the birth of digital currencies, and how money works.

In addition to this guide, they also offer a series of lectures in this educational pillar that was recently opened by the platform. These are virtual live meetings with the presence of special guests related to the cryptographic ecosystem. Let’s Talk is a space that provides the platform to discuss and report on what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Another pillar that the stock market sets up for its growth has to do with the variety and diversification of the product they offer. There are more than 20 different cryptocurrencies for this and they continue to work on adding other digital currencies. To enable their users to invest in crypto or save in stablecoins, they added a new token that allows them to participate in the Hampton by Hilton Rosario project from $ 2,000.

“We have achieved the goal of operating in new countries and enabling more and more Latin Americans to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. We will continue on this path knowing that we still have to improve because we always strive to improve.“, Concludes Letâ ???? sBit CEO Camilo Cristia.

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