Ex-Bakkt CEO faces tough competition in expected US November election

Republican senator and ex-Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler could meet a more organized and supported democratic candidate in the next November elections.

Will still be received the first results of the democratic primary on June 9th, they will determine Who will occupy David Perdue’s seat in the Georgia Senate in the United States. So far, however Democrat Jon Ossoff tops the list of seven Senate candidates with 334,511 votes and 91% of the informative constituencies.

Loeffler and his republican and democratic opponents were not in the first newsletter at the time of this note, However, there are signs that Georgia turns blue sooner rather than later. threatens his chances of re-election in November.

Ex-Bakkt CEO faces tough competition in expected US November election
Ex-Bakkt CEO faces tough competition in expected US November election

A total of 4,141,447 votes were cast in the 2016 presidential elections in Georgia and Georgia Hillary Clinton received 45.35% of the vote, but ultimately lost to Trump. The choices between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp in 2018 They have also had record state participation since 1966.

The expected elections later this year in which Loeffler’s position is at stake It is likely that the Democrats will get a similar boost. The Loeffler’s close connection to Trump, whose approval rates have fallen to new lows amid his reaction to the pandemic and protests against the police, They violate their chances in a nationalized election.

This November, Georgia’s Senate elections will be pretty free Candidates of both parties who appear on the same ballot November 3rd. At the moment, Republican Doug Collins and Democrats Raphael Warnock and Matt Lieberman are They are still some of the most serious applicants to Loeffler’s place.

If no one wins the majority of votes in November, the top two rank You will face each other in a second round in January 2021.

Named, not chosen

Cointelegraph reported in December 2019 that Governor Kemp referred to Loeffler as a conservative “per second change, per wall, per Trump” Ideal to replace ex-Senator Johnny Isakson. Before that date Loeffler was CEO of the institutional Bitcoin (BTC) futures platform Bakkt.

Although senators are often elected, the 17th amendment to the U.S. constitution enables the State Executive to fill temporary positions until an election can be held, provided “a state’s legislature can authorize its executive to make temporary appointments.”

Alleged use of inside information during the pandemic

end of January Loeffler sold nearly $ 250,000 in personal shares after his attendance at a closed session of the Senate Health Committee on the impact of a possible pandemic.

Later He claimed that the sale was made without his knowledge. Another Georgia senator was also indicted. Perdue to take advantage of the crisis and buy stocks from a company that produces important PPE.

Despite the Senator’s controversy another appointment was granted from an executive authority: T.rump made them part of a special working group for the reopening of the economy after COVID-19, an appointment that some Twitter users You compared to the wolf watching over the chicken coop.

Voting rights have been revoked in Georgia

With the close relationships of the party and the obvious financial setback between Trump, Perdue, Loeffler and Kemp, The rise of the former Bakkt CEO to power has often been criticized undermine democratic progress.

Have Kemp “won” the election of the governor of Georgia amid serious controversy about Suppression of votes and fraud. The number of polling stations (which Kemp was responsible for reducing), in addition to the “faulty” voting machines and the insufficient number of available ballots, could have led to this African American voices were rejected.

That’s what is expected The pandemic remains a factor for older voters and the risk of the disease Some have argued for this technology to register for the November elections Blockchain is a solution to ensure that votes are counted. are accessible to citizens and less prone to fraud by foreign or national parties.

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