Everything I know about brand names, I learned from ‘The Simpsons’.

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Everything I know about brand names, I learned from ‘The Simpsons’.
Everything I know about brand names, I learned from ‘The Simpsons’.

Gen X really showed their bravery this year. At a time of crisis where we stay home and watch TV, it is a noble act that we have shown we can lead. This is not an accident. We have been preparing for this all our lives.

We have The simpsons, a treasure to me. There is no other cultural artifact that is as rich in brands. There isn’t even a second place. Writers are virtuous names. Growing up with the Simpsons, I prepared for quarantine, but also for a job I didn’t know existed.

Here’s some of what I learned about brands from The Simpsons.


Not only does the program create dozens of intentionally bad names, it also gives us a number of good names to consider when forming categories of names to consider for real businesses:

Real word. These names (like Apple and Amazon) work well by providing a broad context of meaning for the business. The names act as metaphors. What does the legendary beer say? Duff? Is it something you drink while sitting and doing nothing? The Malt Liquor Company Kingpin It means you can make the decisions. There’s a cola company called To hum. Can you feel it

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Links. These names take two common words and put them together to create something new. Facebook It’s a good example. The Simpsons agree. Homer worked for a company that made teeth whitening strips Flashmouth. In another episode, he became addicted to an application that would help him perform tasks Choremonkey. The program also shows how this naming convention can fail Autoland Y. Money bank ridiculously generic.

Mixed. Pinterest is an example of a composite name where “pen” overlaps the first syllable of “interest”. The idea of ​​putting your interests is perfect for Pinterest. On the show, neighbor Ned Flanders starts a business to sell religious products called Flancrest Enterprises. His last name overlaps with the ridge, that is, the top of a mountain or hill. Is this job the highlight for a person like Ned? The name indicates that it is.

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Page? ˅. Patagonia is a rough travel destination. Better than Marlboro (the company that capitalized the smoker as a cowboy), Laramie uses a place name to associate cigarettes with open spaces, mountains and horse riding. Osaka Seafood Concern It’s not just a place, it sounds great with the “s” and “k” tones repeating. Then there is that Aztec theater recurring. The name is a possible reference to the theater of the same name in San Antonio, but one way or another it equates the experience of going to the cinema with a journey through time.

Sentence. Names like Voices in the open air You use a familiar point of view and colloquial language. We know what it means and feel like using our voice outdoors. There is a comic book store on the show called The Android dungeon. This phrase is effective because it addresses two main themes of the genre: space / future and castle / magic. Perhaps the name is the most famous phrase on the show Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. While dungeon Android has a deep meaning, the name of the power plant is boring.

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The losers

We better show what works. The Simpsons show us how names can go wrong. Here are some examples we should learn to stay away from:

Descriptive. These names are everywhere. They are direct but unforgettable. In addition to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, we see these cheeky names as parodied Sit-N-Stare bus routes, Moving company for starving teachers Y. Ex-Con Home Security. You know exactly what they’re doing, but you don’t want to be part of it. If you are hoping to build a brand, they are difficult to work with.

Literary resources. This is a general category of names that rely on tactics (or tricks) to make the name more memorable. It’s a good idea on the surface, but it’s fraught with danger. Some of the tactics used to create a catchy name include rhymes, misspellings, and puns. However, these devices can be counterproductive. Here are some examples of the program: The copy of Jalopy (under the motto: “We try to make copying for fun”), Cliffs Kar Chalet, the ubiquitous Kwik-E-Mart (What about the “k”?) And Cruller’s world (Cruel word + donuts?). The names are unforgettable, but not for good reason.

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Acronyms and initials. Shortening a name is usually the least bad option. 3M is better than Minnesota Mining and Minerals. That doesn’t make 3M good, just less bad. Abbreviations can be lost. You are unforgettable. They don’t create a strong hook to the brand’s history or are interesting enough to stop you and do your research. In The Simpsons, the authors abbreviate American shipping services (quite long and memorable) too ASS. It’s certainly less bad, but probably not good. The National Ringworm Association becomes The other NRA. I don’t think that one is any less bad.

Cultural appropriation. The Simpsons denounce a topic that has become increasingly relevant. There’s an ice cream truck on the show. The brand is Native American ice cream. In brackets on the truck it says: “Formerly Big Chief Crazy Cone”. As we tease, it shows that sometimes we go from bad to not much better. The name generalizes all of Native American culture into a single identity, turns that generalization into a mascot, and uses it to sell an unrelated product. Sounds like something a sports team would do.

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Maybe you weren’t fortunate enough to have been prepared for life The simpsonsHowever, you can still benefit from a 30 year brand name case study. So stay away from losers. Stay close to the winners.

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