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Europe’s best cities for travelling by bicycle

December 17, 2018

Travelers are in love with two wheels. Applications for cyclists are multiplying, there are more and more companies specialising in cycling tourism, routes are signposted and tourist brochures include specific routes.

The cities that leave with the advantage of attracting these new travellers are those that take the greatest care of this means of transport and its users. According to the Copenhagen Index (a biannual list listing the cities with more than 600,000 inhabitants best prepared for these vehicles), the top five in the latest edition are, in that order, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Strasbourg and Eindhoven. The first Spanish, Seville and Barcelona, occupy the tenth and eleventh places, respectively. Let’s see what European cities are doing to make cyclists, tourists or not, happier.

Europe's best cities for travelling by bicycle
Europe’s best cities for travelling by bicycle

The flat layout and the kilometres of segregated lanes make Barcelona an ideal place to pedal. The public bikes in the Catalan capital are designed for residents, but there are many other options for bike rental in Barcelona.

Madrid has set out to overcome its numerous slopes and its lack of cycling habits with public electric bikes. Tourists can hire public bicycles using a credit card and get a card valid for one day, three days or five days. But the city still has problems, such as car drivers’ carelessness.

Copenhagen is a cyclist’s paradise. The city is flat, there are bike lanes and special car parks everywhere. So many people move around on bicycles that there are even cyclist traffic jams. And to make it more difficult to steal them, they are registered.

The second in the ranking is Amsterdam. It is a city made by and for bicycles. They are the most used vehicle. In addition, the territory is very flat and there is great respect for cyclists.

Berlin, with 620 kilometres of cycle paths, has dozens of companies that rent velocipedes for about 10 euros a day. Cycling around the city is a pleasure. People take good care of them, in each neighbourhood there is room to leave them and many cycle lanes.