European countries are suspending flights with the UK over a new strain of coronavirus that is more contagious and “out of control”.

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  • The newly discovered variant of the virus is 70% more contagious than the previous ones.
  • The WHO called for “tightening controls” to contain the new strain.

Several European countries started that Sunday Suspend flights from the UKafter British authorities a contagious new strain of coronavirus “out of control” in London and the south of England.

European countries are suspending flights with the UK over a new strain of coronavirus that is more contagious and “out of control”.
European countries are suspending flights with the UK over a new strain of coronavirus that is more contagious and “out of control”.

Holland Vetoed passenger flights from the UK this Sunday through January 1st. Belgium ordered the suspension of flight arrivals and rail connections from this country for at least 24 hours. The measure will take effect on Sunday at midnight “To be careful”he said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo.

The ban does not include the transport of goods or the mobility of health workers. Several ports remain open, including Rotterdam. However, “Preventive checks are carried out on the streets”said the Belgian President.

Also the government of Italy announced that it would suspend flights with the United Kingdom.

“As a government, we have a duty to protect Italians. For this reason, after notifying the UK government, we will sign a measure with the Minister of Health to suspend flights with the UK.”explained that Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di MaioThrough social networks. “Our priority is to protect Italy and our compatriots”added.

Austria It also banned flights from the UK from landing. He Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg He assured that in this situation it was important to take action quickly. “We definitely have to avoid introducing this dangerous mutation of the virus into us.”The official informed the APA agency.

For his part, Germany analyzes the limitation of flights from the UK to avoid the arrival of the tribe. A prominent member of the federal government said the flight restrictions were “an option” that AFP said was being seriously considered.

Spain He asked Brussels this Sunday for a “coordinated” response regarding flights with the UK. “The aim is to protect the rights of the citizens of the community against coordination and to avoid unilateralism.”said the Spanish government in a statement

What is known about the new variant of the coronavirus?

This week the government of Britain alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) about the new variety. This seemed to accelerate the expansion of COVID-19 as it was close to 60% of the cases were discovered in London.

Yesterday saturday who confirmed with a message on Twitter that is in “Close contact” with the UK health authorities. The Agency announced that it will keep Member States and the public informed “When we learn more about the properties of this variant of the virus and its possible effects”.

He British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, said in an interview with the British network Sky News that the situation was “Very seriously”and that the discovered variant of the coronavirus is circulating “out of control”. So the government had to act “Quick and Determined”in relation to the imprisonment in large parts of the country.

London and South East UK You woke up on the call this Sunday Level 4. This means effectively closing the affected areas, forcing residents to stay in their homes with limited exceptions, closing recreational facilities and non-essential services, and imposing work from home except in unattractive circumstances, the Prime Minister said.

“Everyone, especially those who live in certain Level 4 regions, should act like they have the virus. This is the only way to regain control “Hancock added.

The new strain is not more serious, but it spreads faster. “It’s a deadly disease and we need to control it, which is more difficult with this new variant.”said the minister. “It will be very difficult to keep it under control until we distribute the vaccine (…) We will have to deal with it in the next two months.”.

He British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonsaid the new strain of the virus is 70% more contagious than its predecessor. This variant would be the cause of the rapid spread of the outbreak in London and southern England.

“There is no evidence that it is more deadly or causes any more serious illness.” The UK authorities found that this made vaccines less effective.

Nine cases have been discovered outside of UK territory Denmark , one in Holland and another in Australia, according to whowho recommended to its members, “their [capacidades de] Sequencing “the virus, a spokeswoman for the organization said in Europe.

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