EU leaders support the adaptation of combat groups for quick action

The Chiefs of Staff of the European Union supported on Tuesday to work on adapting the European combat groups so that they can act quickly in crisis situations.

At their meeting on Tuesday in Brussels, the 27 military emphasized that the EU must “significantly strengthen” its ability to act autonomously if necessary. To this end, they have approved proposals to adapt the EU battlegroups to make them more “relevant” and improve the bloc’s quick response.

“The EU has a unique opportunity to increase its credibility as a security provider,” said the President of the EU Military Committee, Italian General Claudio Graziano, after the meeting.

EU leaders support the adaptation of combat groups for quick action
EU leaders support the adaptation of combat groups for quick action

“The army must actively contribute to defining the conditions for crisis reaction instruments and make every effort to create a robust structure that manages to maintain operational superiority,” he assured.

The idea of ​​a 5,000-strong European reaction force has grown in importance following the crisis in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover last August and the inability of the EU to guarantee the safety of their evacuations. The aim is for the EU to gain autonomy and to be able to act when and where it is necessary.

In fact, the European bloc already has military instruments to implement this idea, having introduced the concept of a combat group since 2007 and establishing the criteria and procedures for carrying out these operations in crisis situations.

These battalions are based on the principle of multinationality and can consist of a framework nation or a multinational coalition of member states, with interoperability and military effectiveness as key criteria.

During the meeting, the European Union’s Chiefs of Staff discussed the progress made on the “Strategic Compass”, the 27’s plan to develop a common understanding of defense matters, which is due to see the light of day in 2022.

With regard to this EU sponsored military “roadmap”, JEMAD has expressed its hope of providing technical input to the initial work and has agreed to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Military Committee to discuss the next steps on this agenda.

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