EU leaders at 27 endorse the agreement and point Westminster as responsible for being on time

Johnson rodeado de los líderes europeos

Johnson surrounded by European leaders – STEFAN ROUSSEAU / PA WIRE / DPA


The leaders of the European Union to 27 have endorsed this Thursday the agreement agreed between Brussels and London to guarantee an orderly Brexit on October 31 and has transferred to the British Parliament the responsibility to ratify it in time so that it can enter into force on that date .

EU leaders at 27 endorse the agreement and point Westminster as responsible for being on time
EU leaders at 27 endorse the agreement and point Westminster as responsible for being on time

In a press conference after the heads of state and government give their blessing to the agreement, the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, explained that the European side is prepared to ratify it in time and, therefore, everything depends on United Kingdom and the vote in the House of Commons.

“We are prepared for ratification logistically, politically and technically. The ball is on the roof of the United Kingdom,” said the Polish politician.

Specifically, the Heads of State and Government have approved a document in which they support the new version of the divorce agreement agreed between the European Commission and the Boris Johnson Government and also approve the political declaration that establishes the framework for the future relationship between both parties

This statement includes changes that lower the ambition of the future agreement, although the EU maintains that the minimum will be a free trade agreement and that the level of ambition will depend on the conditions.

The approval of the European leaders opens the door to the ratification process both in the House of Commons and in the European Parliament. The two institutions must approve the text and the last formal step would be taken again by the member states by qualified majority.

The EU at 27 has given Johnson the opportunity to share the British point of view in a closed-door debate that has lasted less than half an hour and in which some of the European leaders have asked the UK prime minister what would happen if The British Parliament has the agreement, according to community sources.

Earlier, in a statement to the media, the British Prime Minister had urged the House of Commons to “unite to meet” Brexit “without further delay” and, in a subsequent press conference, has remarked that the United Kingdom leaves the EU as “a united country”.

The president of the European Council has avoided commenting on the direction of the vote in Westminster and has limited himself to ensuring that he will consult with the capitals the possibility of approving a new extension for Brexit, but only if requested by London. “If there is a request for a new extension, I will consult with the member states to see how they react,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has avoided moving forward if she would be in favor of a new extension if the British Parliament rejects the new negotiated agreement and recalled that the 'premier' has told them that he will “work very hard” to gain support of your parliament.

“It is a wise Parliament and is free to make its decision,” he said, insisting that the leaders have not discussed “or made any decision” on how it would proceed if Westminster rejected it.

For his part, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, stressed that the agreement is a “legal text” that gives “legal certainty” to “the problems created” by Brexit himself. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, present at the appearance, has stressed that the pact respects all the red lines of his country.

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