Ethereum’s strength is its ecosystem, not its roadmap

In the second part of the interview with the CTO of the Skale Network Konstantin Kladko explained why he believes that Ethereum (ETH) is more than just the Eth 2.0 roadmap and which he believes is the best use case.

Kladko explicitly addresses the errors of other second-tier solutions, although Skale itself is partially dependent on Ethereum. As Kladko explained:

“Our token exists [en Ethereum]. If you register nodes in Skale, register them via ETH. We probably have the most intelligent contracts in the ETH core network. “

This architecture is in line with Kladko’s view that the ecosystem behind Ethereum at this time “An unstoppable excavator” and “It is now practically hopeless and hopeless to compete with Ethereum.”

The Google moment

Ethereum’s strength is its ecosystem, not its roadmap
Ethereum’s strength is its ecosystem, not its roadmap

Kladko told one episode in his life since 2000 when he worked at Stanford:

“A friend of mine […] came to my office and […] Google showed me. And when I saw that when I wrote the search query, I saw that it was a $ 100 billion company. “

“Sometimes in life you get that feeling,” he added, citing Steve Jobs’ iPhone unveiling in 2007 as another example.

For Ethereum, the same thing happened at Devcon 3, a conference in November 2017. “We knew that Ethereum was incredibly dynamic even then.”said.

For Kladko, dynamism and community are the only things that are important for an ecosystem. “Technology can always be repaired,” he added.

Ethereum 2.0 doesn’t matter

When asked how Ethereum 2.0 and its delays relate to the “unstoppable excavator” theory, he compared them to some programming languages ​​such as Java, which, despite the regular double time between releases, were able to prevail. on the market. Continuing with the analogy, he said:

“I think it’s the same story with ETH. It doesn’t really matter. You will probably have delays because they are all ‘mature and open source’ people, but in the meantime startups like ours will help. They will can do a lot in ETH 1.0. more scales. “

Continuation of the computer vision of the world

As the name suggests, Skale aims to scale blockchain through a fragmented architecture that he believes can compete with more central cloud platforms like AWS.

He told a science fiction novel that inspired him: Invincible by Stanislaw Lem. In the novel, a planet is involved in a war between two computer civilizations. One is made up of large computers, and the other is made up of small swarms that can be assembled into anything. Swarms ultimately win because of their flexibility.

As Kladko explained Skale wants to drive the “next wave” of decentralized applications to replace Google, Facebook and other centralized data platforms.

“People want to be in power, they want to control their data, and it is actually going to be huge. And you actually have to use blockchain for that. “

But Ethereum 2.0, with its 64 snippets and thousands of transactions per second, is still not enough to host a decentralized Google, said Kladko.

Skale’s vision for the next ten years is that Ethereum provides a basic level of security, “and the thousands of transactions are used as a basis by other networks like ours.”

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