Ethereum Costa Rica and Ethereum Panama invite you to joint activities on DeFi

On Monday, December 7th and Wednesday, December 9th, Ethereum Costa Rica and Ethereum Panama invite you to joint activities as part of the “DeFi Farm”.. It is an open space for the community where participants learn about pooltogether. This was reported in Spanish by the organizers to Cointelegraph through a statement.

“Ethereum communities appreciate the composability of the ecosystem, which means they build on what is built and can foster efforts between them. Just as DeFi tokens can interact without limits, these two Central American communities want to build bridges in favor of education about Ethereum, ”they stated.

In Costa Rica, Ethereum has grown in popularity and has become more and more important. Jaffet Sandí, organizer of Ethereum Costa Rica, emphasized: “Blockchain has disruptive abilities in different disciplines. That is why we want to do our part to educate the community on various topics. This time one of the topics in the fashion series is: decentralized finance.”

Ethereum Costa Rica and Ethereum Panama invite you to joint activities on DeFi
Ethereum Costa Rica and Ethereum Panama invite you to joint activities on DeFi

The collaborative spirit of the Ethereum community is evident in the organizer’s statement: “What better way to tackle this problem than to found the Ethereum Panama community and promote complementary meetups? We are very happy to be able to support Panama ! ” in this his first event! “

For his part, Erroll Vega from Ethereum Panama, which will officially be launched on Wednesday, December 9th, commented: “We are very pleased to found this community from Panama and thus create a space in which all those followers of the crypto world can share information, find hands-on workshops and more. Things about the Ethereum ecosystem. “

The agenda

This joint event will be divided into two sessions:

Monday, December 7th: The host is Ethereum Costa Rica. The content focuses on understanding the DAI stablecoin and status wallet, as well as an introduction to decentralized financing.

Wednesday December 9th: Ethereum Panama will be given to Nahuel Burbach by Pooltogether to explain how this is a savings option with its lottery mechanism.

In light of this initiative, Luis Lozada, Maker Ambassador for Venezuela stated: “At Maker, we always try to support any event or meeting where the adoption of Dai can increase. We always make sure that we help those who do by offering a fully decentralized stable currency. Open to all people in the world at any time to help the communities who need it most by offering decentralized instruments and the support of decentralized community and governance. “

On the flip side, Juan David Reyes, Status Community Developer, commented, “From Status we love to work with the Ethereum community of Costa Rica and Panama to hold events where we don’t just understand how Web3.0 is works, but also carry out practical exercises with a stable currency such as DAI and the possibility of saving in projects such as Pooltogether. The DeFi farm is an open space to learn and to enter the world of decentralized financing in an applied way. “

Those who wish to attend the event in Costa Rica can attend here, while those who wish to attend the event in Panama can do so here.

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