Ethereum Bogotá invites you to a lecture on crypto art

Next Saturday, August 1st, there will be a virtual meeting on crypto art organized by the Ethereum Bogotá community, the Pittsburgh Ethereum and the Ethereum Developer Alliance. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish from Colombia through a statement.

The initiative It will include online meeting dynamics and the use of an NFT as evidence of attendance at the event. The organizers said they would explain how crypto art markets work by inviting various practitioners from across America.

Using the example of an intelligent contract in action, a group of experts will discuss various topics related to crypto art. “We believe that the best way to learn is to do it. That is why we want to support you in creating your Metamask wallet, see an employment contract and get your first fractions ether. In addition, they will receive an NFT at the end as proof of participation in the event, ”they explained.

Ethereum Bogotá invites you to a lecture on crypto art
Ethereum Bogotá invites you to a lecture on crypto art

Cody Wirth and Juan David Reyes will organize the topics on the table, with the protagonists being four artists: Jessica Ángel from Colombia, Gus Grillasca from Mexico, Red Scanner from the USA and Johnny Dollar; an artist who preferred to remain anonymous.

Who are the speakers?

Jessica Angel: She is a Colombian-born and Brooklyn-based artist who works at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Since 2017, Jessica has focused on connecting the art world and blockchain space through her facilities. He is currently working with the Vancouver Biennale to create an impressive public art installation under the southern end of Cambie Street Bridge. He also leads the # ArtProjectDecentralized community.

Gus Grillasca: He is a biotechnology engineer, professor, businessman and illustrator, co-founder of Artolin. He has been developing blockchain projects since 2016. His focus is on art, culture, science and technology philosophy.

“NFTs are a new asset class for the ‘unstoppable art markets’. This enables anyone with an internet connection to generate open and decentralized monetization schemes for their creative content on a global scale. No third parties, no institutions required and secured by the blockchain,” said the mexican panelists.

Johnny Dollar: He is an artist and illustrator. Inspired by cryptanarchists and cypherpunks, explore the increasing interaction of mankind with technology. He has worked with many cryptanalysis projects and organized events and exhibitions. Support in the development of tools such as the Artist’s Liberation Front so that artists can use this technology independently.

Red scanner: He is an American digital artist, photographer and blogger. “The big bubble of the digital art market will burst, ironically, because the popular markets never realize how fast technology is changing … It is known that artists influence subcultures before they enter the mainstream. So the future looks to ours Page looks bright. “

Topics to talk about

The organizers highlighted the joint effort by Bogotá and Pittsburgh. They also said that after the conversation, which will take about two hours, participants would go with:

  • Understand how art markets have endless possibilities in the blockchain.
  • Once one of the tools is understood like NFTs, the options available in specialized galleries are addressed.
  • Since we live in a reality affected by the pandemic, VR experiences are another increasingly used tool.
  • How QR codes are the missing part for the definition of digital photography in order to integrate into the world of blockchain.

They will also motivate participants to add what they say. “As we invite beginners, we also want other experts to come to us to improve the level of conversation,” they said.

On the other hand, they specified: “At our first joint meeting between the two cities, We will suggest an activity that involves interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and where we can also get to know each other. For this we use a smart contract, in which a small amount is deposited: 0.008 ETH or USD 2.5. You can deposit under the Coinosis Smart contract. “

It should be mentioned that The meeting is free. “The money collected will be distributed among the participants according to their contributions, which is confirmed by the applause from the audience. We invite participants to believe we have a few virtual beers and make a common fund for both communities. It is a contribution who will stay among us and among the participants, “they noted

The invitation is this Saturday to take part in the discussion about the interaction between art and blockchain. An online area that not only thinks about topics such as non-consumable tokens, decentralized art galleries or VR experiences in museums.

An intelligent contract is also used for registration and at the end the participants receive a POAP, a type of NFT, as a certificate for the participation blockchain.

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