ETH 2.0 deposit contract just started?

Update: David Rugendyke of ETH 2’s Rocket Pool DApp looked at the code and told Cointelegraph that this is only part of the way: “This is a tool for generating the keys required for making deposits into ETH2’s deposit agreement. It sees So it looks like they’re announcing that this tool is mainnet ready, at least that’s my opinion. “

The Ethereum community is very excited after the deposit agreement appears to have been published on GithubHowever, the main developers have not yet officially confirmed the rollout.

Ethereum developers have warned in the past about the danger of fake deposit contractsTherefore, users should only send an ether to the contract after an official announcement.

ETH 2.0 deposit contract just started?
ETH 2.0 deposit contract just started?

The Github repository was released a few hours ago and appears to have been uploaded by the Ethereum Foundation researcher Carl Beekhuizen.. On Discord, some have asked if the account may have been compromised.

The apparent release of ‘v1.0.0 of the eth2.0 deposit cli’ has been titled;

“We have to start the main engine”

Twitter’s crypto room is full of America’s choice, however The members of the Ethereum community have been waiting eagerly for everything official regarding the first phase of the long-awaited start of ETH 2.0.. Reddit also has plenty of threads to start off with.

The founder of Bankless, David Hoffman commented that the start coincided with election night;;

However, the main developers and community members have not yet posted anything on their own Twitter channels ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington said earlier today that the introduction of the storage contract is a few hours away.

Not everyone is convinced that the code released today really applies to the full deposit agreement. In response to Ethereum influencer Anthony Sassano’s contribution to the launch, ETH freelancer Osin wrote:

The deposit agreement allows the ETH to be sent between Ethereum and ETH 2.0 and includes one of the few remaining updates required to make it easier for Phase 0 of ETH 2.0 to go live.. The ETH 2.0 beacon chain is expected to emerge in the weeks after the start of the deposit agreement and form the basis for proving the stake consensus and the chain fragmentation. Users need 32 ETH to complete the stakeout and become validators and 16,384 validators are needed to complete the start of the beacon chain.

After Edginton’s early announcement in late October that the trust deed was ready for its upcoming launch, there was a delay as Danny Ryan, Ethereum 2.0 coordinator, wanted to wait for a focused signature library review. called blst in performance and safety. It turns out, While today’s launch of the “deposit contract” isn’t legitimate, the official launch doesn’t seem too far off, as Ryan previously tweeted::

In an update released last week, Edgington reiterated that the audit went well and that they were ready to “pull the trigger on anything”..

In its previous update, the developer stated this The Beacon chain’s Genesis event would be just 6-8 weeks after the deposit contract was deployed. He also warned against false contracts;

“In the next few days there are a lot of false deposit contracts. Stay tuned for official announcements: don’t send Eth on random contracts. this is not DeFi. “

Danny Ryan and Ben Edgington were asked for comment at the time of writing but had not responded at the time of writing.

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