Erebus attack that explains its range

The Erebus attack works because it takes advantage of the Bitcoin protocol’s ability to connect the various nodes on the network. To do this, add malicious manipulations to these connections to take control of them. This is supposed to affect the correct functioning of Bitcoin. For this purpose, a MITM attack (man-in-the-middle or man-in-the-middle) is carried out, with which the attacker can hijack a legal connection from the Bitcoin nodes and replace it with a fake connection under their absolute control. nbsp;

With this connection hijacking scheme, the attacker gradually takes over the network connections, and at a critical point, the attacker can send incorrect information that can cause the network to malfunction. As a result, the network goes into a state of non-consensus that divides the network. At this point, the attacker can do anything from double spending to a 51% attack on the blockchain. Nbsp;

This is possible because Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) work thanks to a network of decentralized nodes that communicate over the Internet. This connection is possible thanks to a network protocol that enables operation. Thanks to this, the nodes participate in the decisions within the network for the validation of transactions, blocks and more. All this within the framework of a consensus scheme in which the majority decides on the development of the network. Nbsp;

Erebus attack that explains its range
Erebus attack that explains its range

However, if an attacker manages to take control of the nodes and the network they create, it can seriously affect the operation of the blockchain. And to achieve this type of attack, at least in principle you don’t need a lot of computing power or an extensive computer network. A single computer can affect the Bitcoin network within 5 to 6 weeks. The only thing you would need would be a tier 1 or tier 2 network level connection.

These are networks that have a great ability to control high data flows, ISP itself, which gives them the ability to access large groups of networks and change their traffic. It is precisely this tier 1 and tier 2 property that the Erebus attack uses to manipulate node connections while being completely undetectable. Nbsp;

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