Erdogan warns Europe that the victory of the “Haftar caudillo” in Tr í iacute; iacute; a “historical error”

El presidente de Turquía, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Michael Kappeler / dpa – Archive

He warns Brussels that he is at a moral “crossroads” and urges him to be a “relevant actor” in the Libyan conflict


The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has warned Europe that a possible victory of Marshal Jalifa Haftar against the Libyan government recognized by the international community would be a “historical error” and has lamented the “apathy” of the international community to the Time to try to end nine years of civil war in the North African country.

Erdogan warns Europe that the victory of the “Haftar caudillo” in Tr í iacute; iacute; a “historical error”
Erdogan warns Europe that the victory of the “Haftar caudillo” in Tr í iacute; iacute; a “historical error”

“Libya has been dealing with a bloody civil war for almost a decade. However, so far, the international community has not fulfilled its responsibility to end the violence and restore peace and stability. Today, we are witnessing the consequences of this apathy, “Erdogan has ruled in an opinion column on the US website 'Politico'.

Erdogan has spoken less than 24 hours before the start of a peace conference in Berlin to resolve the conflict between the government of the capital, recognized by the international community, and the siege led by Marshal Haftar on behalf of a parallel administration in The east of the country. This conflict, which began in April, has been aggravated by the presence of international actors – Russia, Egypt and the Emirates in favor of Haftar; Turkey by Tripoli -.

In his column, Erdogan has spared no insults to Haftar, who he has described as a “leader” at the head of a “coup d'etat with the help of undemocratic governments.”

Erdogan has also put on the table the existing division in the European Union by accusing France of supporting this “coup plotter” against the support that Germany gives to the Government of Tripoli. The Turkish president has warned of the moral defeat that could mean the loss of Tripoli to Brussels.

“It would be a betrayal of its own fundamental values, including democracy and human rights. Leaving Libya at the mercy of a leader would be an error of historical proportions,” he said.

Erdogan has also warned of the domino effect that could occur if the Tripoli government fell. “Terrorist organizations such as Islamic State and Al Qaeda, which suffered a military defeat in Syria and Iraq, will find fertile ground to recover,” warned the Turkish president, who has accused Haftar of “largely sharing the ideology of those organizations. “.

“If the conflict continues, violence and instability will also boost irregular migration to Europe,” he warned.

“History teaches us that rewarding those who turn their backs on diplomacy and make fun of the international community only leads to more serious problems in the future. And yet, the most recent developments in Libya suggest that some European leaders do not They have learned these lessons, “he said.

While Erdogan has applauded the holding of a conference on Libya in Berlin, he has asked the EU for more involvement to show “that he is a relevant actor in the international arena”.

And, given that Europe “does not seem interested in providing military aid, the obvious option is to work with Turkey,” which has committed shipments of personnel and weapons to Tripoli through a bilateral security agreement.

“We pledged to protect the Libyan government from the coup plotters. In this regard, we will train the Libyan security forces and help them fight terrorism, human trafficking and other serious threats against international security,” he said.

Finally, Erdogan has concluded that “Europe is at a crossroads and those who work for peace must be brave and do everything in their power to end the violence. Europe can count on Turkey, an old friend and ally loyal, to achieve that goal. ”

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