Erbil airport (Iraq) attacked with drones loaded with explosives

The airport in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq was the target of an attack with explosive-laden drones on Tuesday, and no information is currently available on victims or property damage.

The spokesman for the international coalition against the Islamic State, Wayne Marotto, reported that “around 11:15 pm (local time), drones struck near the Erbil Air Force Base”. There is a US military base near the airport.

“Currently, initial reports indicate that there are no injuries, casualties or damage,” he added on his Twitter account.

Erbil airport (Iraq) attacked with drones loaded with explosives
Erbil airport (Iraq) attacked with drones loaded with explosives

The anti-terror leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan has also confirmed the attack and, according to the Kurdish agency Rudaw, did not cause any victims, only a fire.

The governor of the Omed Khoshnaw region also described the attack as a “terrorist attack” and assured the population that the situation was completely under control, reports the Iraqi news portal Basnews.

The attack comes a day after the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, confirmed that its defense systems responded to an “air threat” against the building after a drone was shot down in the Ain al-Assad military base.

In recent months there have been numerous attacks on the “Green Zone” and the capital’s airport, as well as other parts of Iraqi companies that work for the US-led international coalition and goals of the coalition itself.

The incidents are mainly attributed to militias backed by Iran, some of them integrated into the People’s Mobilization Forces (FMP) – one of the allied elements of the Iraqi security forces on the offensive against the Islamic State – which also kills activists and demonstrators during of the anti-government protests that have taken place in recent months.

The United States carried out several bombings on FMP positions in response to these attacks, including one on the Syrian-Iraqi border in late June that left several dead, prompting the FMP to pledge to crack down on US targets.

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