Epidemiological semaphore reports are now published every two weeks rather than weekly

López Gatell made it clear that the decision to change the duration of the technical instrument reports was to avoid disruption to society.

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Epidemiological semaphore reports are now published every two weeks rather than weekly
Epidemiological semaphore reports are now published every two weeks rather than weekly

The Under Secretary of State for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, announced that public reports on the epidemiological traffic light will be submitted every two weeks. However, the official said that the color change assessment would continue to be routinely performed in each state of the Mexican Republic.

“We will conduct the public presentation every two weeks so that the necessary adjustments in society are not made as often,” he said.

According to Gatell, a weekly update of the national traffic light situation could lead to a kind of disturbance in society. “We say that a state is orange and there is someone who works in a restaurant and buys supplies, pays bills and closes the restaurant the following week can be disruptive.”

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On the other hand, the Under-Secretary of State noted that, based on the agreements set out on May 14th, the governments of individual companies will be the only ones who will continue to have access to a weekly traffic light report. He also confirmed that they are fully responsible for implementing the appropriate preventive measures to combat the spread of the virus.

“It is not a federal decision, it is a state decision and is in turn supplemented by the local authorities,” he emphasized.

Some government agencies have made allegations of a potential threat to those who have not effectively implemented the stated guidelines to moderate health emergencies in the country. However, Gatell assured that there are currently no administrative, civil or criminal sanctions against officials who do not adequately implement sanitary precautions.

“There was no ruse, there will be no ruse, we have said it as many times as necessary, the way the Mexican government acts is not ruse, it is not our model, our way of doing it is based on the law and through dialogue, not with violence, ”said the Under Secretary.

The complaints about the alleged threat came after a virtual meeting between the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO), Gatell and other authorities in the country. They were informed of possible changes in the national traffic light methodology to impose sanctions on those who did not comply. correctly put the preventive measures for each color of the traffic light.

These variations would be highlighted in point 2 of the document guidelines “Methodology and criteria for the regional branchl ”were proposed by the Attorney General of the Ministry of Health, Maricela Lecuona González, who clarified her purpose to apply punishment, including a crime, against local authorities that did not improve the health situation in Mexico.

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