s who reinvented themselves to beat the Covid-19

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s who reinvented themselves to beat the Covid-19
s who reinvented themselves to beat the Covid-19

Crises enable us to assess people’s attitudes and strengths. There are two options: complain or act. Instead of lowering their weapons, many entrepreneurs have reinvented themselves to beat the Covid-19.

After overcoming the initial shock of sudden change and facing bankruptcy, SME owners have rewritten their business plan to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the corona virus.

s who excel in speed and creativity to adapt to the new reality and turn the crisis into an opportunity. This allowed them to transform their SMEs to offer new products and services to avoid bankruptcy.

Here we share six examples of women and men who have reinvented themselves to avoid succumbing to the economic impact of Covid-19.

Biscuit decoration set

Photo: Cookie Lab “Decorated and Personalized Cookies” via Facebook.

Lizeth Zagal is the founder of Cookie Lab, a decorative biscuit shop for children’s events in León, Mexico.

Before the Covid-19 explosion, Zagal had supplies and orders for the next two months that were canceled due to the Coronavirus emergency.

This situation threatened the viability of the company and the home because it is the mother of the family and the only income. But Lizeth was not handcuffed, and instead of worrying, she looked for a solution and a new idea came out of it.

Instead of offering decorated cookies for events, she decided to offer a range of her products to mothers, to decorate together for her children at home, and to become a learning and distraction activity during quarantine. Its customers bought the set and thus maintained the SME’s income.

From uniforms to reusable masks

Photo: Victoria Outdoor via Facebook.

Victoria Policicchio founded the company 30 years ago Victoria outdoor equipment is dedicated to the manufacture of clothing for the armed forces, police and security company personnel in Argentina.

Given the paralysis of the economy due to the quarantine that was decided on March 20, Policicchio decided to turn its business model and concentrate its production on the production of reusable masks and with personalized designs for individuals and companies.

While Policicchio was considering how to reactivate the Capital Federal factory, he received calls from customers asking if he was selling washable or waterproof masks. At first he had no idea about the product, but started researching online.

Since he already had a stock of three-layer material that is used for military clothing, he made the first prototypes of the masks. After the adjustments, he started selling the product to his customers who needed it to protect his employees and security guards.

On the other hand, masks for people with simpler fabrics and special designs were also made.

While Policicchio is waiting for the economy to revive, he keeps his factory open and his employees work thanks to the production of masks.

Online parties

Aware that the entertainment sector will be the last to be revived; Santiago González, an entertainment entrepreneur in Bogotá, opted primarily for bars and clubs to found an “online club”.

Solitude and the desire to make fun of many people in their forties was the spark that sparked their idea of ​​how to organize the holidays on-line and create a space of distraction. It may sound strange to pay entry to an “online disco”, but Santiago says it was a success. Men pay $ 5 and women have free entry, like the locals.

González’s value proposition not only dances and enjoys from home, but also focuses on the relationships that arise during the connection, as many people exchange numbers and then maintain contact.

This is the impact of the “parties on-line“That some spirits manufacturers contacted this digital DJ to investigate alliances that would allow them to market their products.

Party box

Events, parties, meetings and all activities in which people participate will be suspended until further notice. A major blow to a sector that creates many jobs.

With experience as Event planner and designer Milena Flurh has her agency for the organization of social and business events that were abruptly closed due to the quarantine prescribed in Buenos Aires. In this situation and after considering various options, this entrepreneur decided to perfect and promote a product that was part of her portfolio but was not one of the most important. the party box.

Depending on the party the customer wants to make, send the box with all the elements and instructions so that people can make their own decoration for the chosen reason.

Application to sell bread

Photo: via Google Play.

The pandemic allowed Antonio Bertasio to recover an investment he made five years ago and which was not as successful as he thought.

The Argentinian has a bread factory and created the application back then I want pannet for sale on-line of its products, but the tool did not have the expected success.

At the age of forty, the app was reborn and became the workhorse of its factory, with which it can sell frozen products to supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and individuals.

The company or person wishing to purchase the product downloads the application and provides their zip code. When the company is within the company’s coverage area, the catalog is sent and the product is shipped.

Due to increasing demand, Bertasio expanded the work team to focus on the areas of communication and communication E-commerce.

Online karate courses

It was unthinkable for the karate fighter and two-time world champion Antonio Díaz to train the students on video. But the closure of his Dojo in Caracas, Venezuela, due to the quarantine, forced him to teach about his education on-line.

As a small friend of technology, Díaz began teaching the training for together with his two trainers Instagram live and the experiment was successful. Then he decided on Zoom However, due to the connection problems in Venezuela and the lack of technical experience for online teaching, the process was not easy.

Karate is a demanding sport and the precision of the posture is the key to a good kata. It was difficult for Díaz to correct the students from the computer, but over the days he adapted to the format.

Now he’s planning to record a number of more professional videos so people can work out from home and get the income of his dojo and instructors.

The cases I presented confirm that it is possible to turn your entrepreneurship and reinvent it to adapt to the new reality. Regardless of age or business model, the key is to look at opportunities. Use the resources and the experience gained to continue working and not to succumb to the Covid 19 crisis.

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