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s! These are the destinations in Mexico to inspire you and create

April 5, 2020

Traveling changes our lives, moves our ideas, our worlds, opens our minds and renews us. Here we share a list of magical towns, beaches and cities where you can develop, get inspired and undertake. Go preparing the suitcases.

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“If something good happens to you, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens to you, travel to forget. And if nothing happens to you, travel so that it happens to you. “Anonymous

Traveling changes our lives, moves our ideas, our worlds, opens our minds and renews us. Here we share a list of magical towns, beaches and cities where you can develop, get inspired and undertake. Go preparing the suitcases.


1. Tlaxco, Guerrero

s! These are the destinations in Mexico to inspire you and creates! These are the destinations in Mexico to inspire you and create

Imagine a sunrise between volcanoes with the mist rising. There is nothing more inspiring than that. In Tlaxco, one of the two magical towns of Tlaxcala, stay overnight in an old hacienda surrounded by nature: in the vast majority of them there is no internet or television so you can focus on what's important, creating, creating and creating.

We suggest you stay at Hacienda San Pedro de La Cueva, a beautiful boutique hotel with only four rooms. A place so intimate that you will feel at home. Here you can sit down to chat with the owners, take a bike ride around the property or simply stay in their garden watching the blue sky to think about the future of your business.

If you go on a Sunday breakfast, a delicious barbecue prepared by them. And when you visit the town, don't forget to go buy cheese and take a walk around Eva Martínez's house, a famous silver jewelry workshop.

2. Tapalpa, Jalisco

This town seems straight out of a tale, with its white houses with gabled roofs. Tapalpa is surrounded by spectacular forests that paint the landscape green and invite you to rest or live an adventure in nature.

Rent a cabin and immerse yourself in the pine and oak forest to take a “forest bath”, a Japanese technique in which you can regain peace and balance. The idea is that you take a walk among the trees with the five senses and pay attention to the smell given off by the plants, the noise of the wind, observe the color ranges and feel the textures that you find in your path. Does it sound relaxing?

If the forest bath doesn't awaken your senses, then visit the Valley of Enigmas better known as Las Piedrotas, a series of rock formations exposed by ancient rivers. A journey to achieve concentration.

3. Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato

This magical town safeguards the charm of its mining past with beautiful architecture and streets that you can explore on foot. This way you will have the opportunity to clear your mind and find new paths in your life or get those ideas that were there in your mind unexplored.

We recommend that after taking a walk through the town you rest a few minutes in its main square, the Juárez garden. Once you're there, go ahead and try new flavors and find a vendor for Colonche, a fermented red prickly pear drink. Another good plan is to visit the Lavander Farms of Pozos field, a ranch where the soils full of violet flowers predominate and where at each step you breathe in the wonderful aroma of lavender. After the tour you will leave relaxed and motivated to undertake any plan that comes to mind. To end your tour of Mineral de Pozos, spend a day at the Cerveza spa.

4. Bernal, Querétaro

Here is the third largest monolith in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain and the Sugar Loaf in Brazil. This monolith is said to emanate a special energy that helps achieve balance between soul, body and mind. That is why the best season to travel to Bernal is during the spring equinox.

Climb to the top and after this you will feel the energy running through your veins. We assure you that the challenge of walking on its steep slope will make you feel a renewed person and the best prize will be the privileged view that you will get from the top.

Although you can visit this town in a single day, if you want to stay for the night you can stay at El cantar del viento, which has a constellation hall and a space to perform yoga. Every day at 9 am there are meditation sessions for all your guests. There is nothing better than being in balance to make good decisions.


1. Tulum, Quintana Roo

Swimming, diving, walking barefoot on the sand or breathing the sea breeze are activities that will always make us feel good and help us balance our emotions. The combination of a warm and humid environment reminds us of the mother's womb and if we add crystal clear water with different shades of blue and white sand, there is no better place to activate our minds.

The options to stay in this beach town are multiple, there are ecological sites, glamping hotels, all-inclusive and even a fantastic tube hotel. But if you are looking to be reborn to recreate, the best thing to do is go to Awakening, the only place in Mexico dedicated to making people happy and where you can spend the night in a cocoon.

Here you can take personal development courses, talk to a life coach or even have an appointment with a Mayan shaman, whatever you need to achieve your goals, you will find it here.

2. Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

This magical oasis located just one hour from La Paz, is a paradise for surfers. Over time it has become a space for culture, where various galleries have opened their doors. Remember that art opens the box of our brain and develops new ideas.

Todos Santos has a special charm that perhaps comes from its colorful streets and the mix of beach and desert. We recommend you visit Emporio Hotel California where you can buy from Persian rugs to jumping beans. There are also books, art photographs, vintage clothing, jewelry and handicrafts from different countries including African and Indian objects.

3. San Pancho, Nayarit

San Francisco, better known as San Pancho, is a small jewel of the Pacific that, in addition to having a quiet and beautiful town, has a spectacular beach.

The town is still little visited by tourists so it is perfect for those who like privacy and places away from the hustle and bustle. This is how here you will find the necessary peace to just sit, meditate and watch the waves come and go.

If you are an entrepreneur, a place you cannot miss is the Children's Circus, a space created by ex-artists from Cirque du Soleil, where morning classes are offered every morning open to the public in order to encourage people to improve your physical condition and take more risks. A great space to motivate you to take your next business step.

4. Mazunte

Behind the beauty of this beautiful Oaxaca beach is a great story that inspires any entrepreneur. In 1993, when turtle hunting was banned, Mazunte residents found new alternatives to create jobs. Thus, they thought of creating companies that take care of the environment to form one of the best places to experience sustainable tourism. Thus they created the cooperative Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte, in which 15 local families collaborate in a sustainable development model, which in addition to producing cosmetics offers cabins for ecotourism.

During your trip to this place, don't forget to visit the Mexican Turtle Center and walk on the sands of its beaches: Mermejita, San Agustinillo, La Ventanilla, Agua blanca, La Escobilla and Cerro Sagrado.


1. Mexico City

With 8,851 million inhabitants, this metropolis has everything. Do you want to take a course? Do you want to learn leadership? Do you want to improve your finances? This is the perfect destination for you to become a business traveler.

Inspiration in Mexico City is everywhere, but the best places to find hundreds of innovative businesses are Coyoacán, San Ángel, Colonia Roma and La Condesa, places where you will also have to carry the camera in hand because you are going to want to photograph all the buildings you find in your path.

Choosing accommodation in the CDMX can be a complicated task, but we advise you to decide for an Airbnb in one of the neighborhoods that we mentioned before or stay at the Downtown boutique hotel, a space that mixes the colonial style of the downtown buildings historical with an industrial architecture. Travel to Mexico City at the weekend and find the best course for you.

2. Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Perhaps there is no other city that is as Mexican as this one. There cultures are mixed, art reinvents itself and gastronomy multiplies the senses. Eating brings us happiness, but it also awakens emotions in us, so a gastronomic journey will open your senses to be able to innovate and create.

Your tour should start by going to its market, trying grasshoppers, tejate and a hot chocolate, looking for the Origen restaurant and taste the food of chef Rodolfo Castellanos. Then go to a mezcalería to close the afternoon trying the great variety that exists of this distillate. Do not forget to also take a tour of the city and visit Santo Domingo, go to the Ethnobotanical Garden and walk the Macedonio Alcalá tourist walker.

3. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Legend has it that all travelers who come to this place are attracted by a special energy, fall in love with the place and always come back. This is because the city has a quartz heart at its center.

Like any legend, this story has a bit of truth and it is that touring its church, visiting its house of culture the Necromancer, seeing the unfinished mural of David Alfaro Siqueiros, and the House Museum of Allende, is quite an experience.

This city, nationals and foreigners, have found inspiration and developed successful businesses. Approach Support to ial People AC a foundation dedicated to helping individuals or small active businesses, giving them small loans, management support and advice. Travel, fall in love with San Miguel and start.

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