s! Check out these 5 books to read in July

For this month we have selected five classic works that every entrepreneur has to read in order to prepare for the big challenge.

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s! Check out these 5 books to read in July
s! Check out these 5 books to read in July

There is no doubt: an entrepreneur who has developed the habit of reading has much better chances of being successful. In the business world, it is not just a question of networking or the ability to make contacts: It is necessary to have a basis that enables us to make decisions right at the right time.

For this month we have selected five classic books that every entrepreneur has to read to prepare for the big challenge. It is work that helps you in all aspects of your company, from financing to marketing to the reconciliation of work and private life.

“Violations at your own risk” is the subtitle of this work, a must for all business owners. Although published in the 1990s and offering examples for multinational companies, its laws are more relevant than ever and perfectly applicable to small businesses. What rules regulate the world of marketing? If we know – and master – them, how can we navigate through the world of competition and bear fruit?

This method (which later became a movement) was developed by Eric Ries, a famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur. With a view to technology startups, Ries developed a series of steps to build viable projects without the need for large sums of money as funding. This method allows you to get the most out of every resource and cause the least waste of resources such as time and money.

3rd Second opportunity, by Robert Kiyosaki (Aguilar, 2015)

In this book, Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, explains how we can learn from previous lessons – good or bad – to improve our present and anticipate the future. According to the author, an urgent change is needed if things don’t work. How do we create a second chance for our project when everything seems to be lost?

Four. Your best business is you, by Reid Hoffnman and Ben Casnocha (Conecta, 2012)

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, and Ben Casnocha, co-founder of Comcate, explain how we can make ourselves a brand that is positioned in the market. The secret? Manage your career as if it were a growing business. The authors talk about the importance of investing in yourself, building a network of contacts, taking risks and taking advantage of uncertainties. This book is a gem with which to guide and project your career and keep control of your future.

The advantages of self-confidence are not only felt in the professional field, but in all areas of life. In this work, the author – a professor of medicine who practices Buddhism – explains that our minds tend to work automatically and waste their tremendous opportunities to create, learn, and transform. What if we learn to focus our mind through meditation and other awareness development practices? Surely our lives – and our business – would be much more enriching.

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