s are restless women who want independence: Ana Victoria García

Perseverance should be a quality of women who want to get involved, assured the founder of Victoria 147 during her attendance at the InCON 2020 Real Estate Summit.

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s are restless women who want independence: Ana Victoria García
s are restless women who want independence: Ana Victoria García

The Women who want to commit In Mexico, they have to be leaders and want transcendence, as Ana Victoria García, founder of Victoria 147, explained during her attendance at the real estate summit InCON 2020that organizes the real estate portal Live advertisingin collaboration with the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) CDMX, the Association of Real Estate Marketing Professionals (APCI), the Zona Poniente Real Estate Group (GIZP) and the Union of Real Estate Professionals of Mexico (UPIM).

Ana Victoria Garcia noted the need to encourage more women to immerse themselves in entrepreneurship and pointed out the characteristics that must be considered in order to enter the business world. First and foremost, perseverance is a key element.

“They are restless women, they are women who want independence, who want autonomy, who want dynamism, who want to be really important, who want their time to be worthwhile, who want to take responsibility for themselves or their families. They are creative women who are passionate about their work and that is very important, ”said the founder of Victoria 147, the first academy for women entrepreneurs in Mexico.

According to García, a woman who wants to become an entrepreneur must “be good at herself”.

“Someone entrepreneur won’t always have the answers, they won’t always know what’s next, but when the problem arises they will have the tools to act. So I believe that this power to live in uncertainty, to be calm with it and to be in constant construction. “

In addition, they have to be resilient. And, he said, you will face many people who will close their doors.

“Women entrepreneurs shouldn’t give up if they hear a negative answer, because for every 10 ‘no’ there can be two ‘yes’. It’s this insistence, this intensity, this strength of saying, ‘that’s what I want’, to fight for it and that a “no” doesn’t overturn you “.

On the other hand, leadership and concern are also part of that equation.

In the case of leadership, he added, the entrepreneurial woman must have the talent “to be able to inspire, to lead, to delegate, to take the lead and to say,” this is where we go “, to have a clear vision wherever you go “. Regarding the concern, he said, “You need to be curious that you are questioning everything you see, where there is a problem to be solved, where there is something that is not good enough, and how to do better . “

Similarly, the founder of Victoria 147 emphasized the importance of remembering that it is important to constantly study and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, although you will never be an expert on anything.

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