Day arrives in Mexico: the startup event

An event you can't miss if you want to get inspired to launch your business model

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 Day arrives in Mexico: the startup event
Day arrives in Mexico: the startup event

IEBS Business School and organize Day , a unique event where recognized entrepreneurs will participate to give visibility to startups and new business models. In addition, the “Startup Pitch Contest” will be held as the central act where we will meet the digital Startups of the moment.

The event is the perfect opportunity for startups to learn best practices to launch their business model, thanks to inspirational talks and technical workshops by internationally recognized experts, such as the founders and CEOs of Kubo Financiero, Ben Frank, Kidzania or IEBS Business School.

After the success of the last edition held in Zaragoza, with more than 1,000 attendees both via streaming and face-to-face, Day arrives in Mexico City on March 18 at Anuies, Innovation and Development Center, the perfect place to bring together startups and thus can consolidate your business.

In addition, as a central act any entrepreneur can participate in the “Startup Pitch Contest” where the pitches of some startups will face each other. The winner will get a Master of s in IEBS , and in addition, the three finalists will have a 100% scholarship to pursue the Talent MBA program . The maximum date to participate in the contest is March 15.

The presentation program is made up of experts such as Xavier López Ancona РFounder CEO of Kidzania; Vicente Fenoll , Founder Kubo Financiero; Oscar Fuente, Founder IEBS Business School; Eduardo Paulsen, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Ben Frank; Federico Ranero, Chief Operations Officer Board Member of Kavak and Braulio Valenzuela Head of Marketing of Urbvan.

Day is a completely free event that will be held on March 18 at ANUIES, Innovation and Development Center and that can also be followed by streaming. The day will end with an afterwork with the objective of networking among attendees.

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