accepts the challenge and now offers you digital courses and tools to get out of the crisis

In these challenging times, evolves to accompany you on the way back to the success of your business. We launched 4 online diplomas and the Homechool series, with leading speakers who will share their knowledge to overcome this crisis.

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These are times of immense challenges, never seen in the modern era of humanity. That is why , as it has always done, leaves aside complaints and “buts” and evolves to offer all entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs in Mexico and Latin America new and powerful digital tools to accompany them on the way back to success.

 accepts the challenge and now offers you digital courses and tools to get out of the crisis
accepts the challenge and now offers you digital courses and tools to get out of the crisis

We know that the situation is serious: in the next two months, 77% of the country's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could stop operating as a consequence of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported by the Association of s from Mexico (Asem).

So we have no time to lose and we must work with the best we have, make alliances and walk together with the same objective: not to drop our economy or to lose thousands of jobs.

In this effort , through its ial Institute , reaches an alliance with IEBS Business School , the leading online business school in Spain and the second strongest in Latin America, to offer entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs four diplomas in High quality line, with content that will be crucial to overcome this crisis and return to the path of success with your company.

The first launch is the Digital Business Diploma . This master for digital talent has been developed by IEBS, in collaboration with Seedrocket and the participation of highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

It is a program in which with two hours a week or 20 minutes a day, distributed as you prefer, you will learn the fundamentals of learning in an MBA, but without spending a fortune. You will be able to learn topics such as exponential leadership, Growth Hacking, massive transformation, UX Product Design and Product Market Fit.

We will continue with the Digital Marketing Diploma offer , which allows you to access all the work areas and tools to successfully manage the digital marketing strategy and plan.

Through this Digital Marketing Diploma, you will have more than 40 cases of digital marketing experts at your disposal. We will tell you how the companies that are growing the most are supporting themselves by using and applying Exponential Technologies.

The third release is the Digital Project Manager Diploma ( It is a Compact program in Agile Methodologies and Scrum from the prestigious Master in Digital Project Management of IEBS.

The objective of this diploma is that you get one of these two international certifications that you can apply for at the end of the program: Professional Scrum Master I or Professional Scrum Product Owner I, which open the doors of the professional world, since it has been shown that today Nowadays a professional certification of this type increases your salary by 30% and is more useful to find a job than a university degree.

The fourth launch is Business IT Certification Diploma that will allow you to know the fundamentals of digital technology.

With this Business IT Training Program you will be able to make business decisions related to IT with confidence and you will obtain the international certification that accredits your knowledge: Computerworld University (CWU) Business IT Certification of APMG.


Preparing for this near future, which is more challenging than ever, has only one way: continuous preparation and training. However, we know that in addition to training you in-depth to take charge of your business, today you need urgent knowledge, which will help you to avoid to the greatest extent the economic crisis that is brewing.

Also in this challenge we are with you. To immediately support and accompany you, we launched Homeschool , a series of live digital conferences, where you can learn from the leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, high-impact entrepreneurs and various experts how to bring your company to fruition in the midst of this storm .

These digital conferences will be free, from Monday to Friday, from 1 to 2 PM and you can register HERE.

Among the spekaers we will have Sofía Macías, personal finance specialist and founder of Little Capitalist Pig; Rodolfo Ramírez, founder and CEO of RedBox; Juan del Cerro, founder and CEO of SocialLab and Disruptivo TV; Leti Gasca, co-founder of Fuckup Nights and CEO of Skill Agility Lab; Eduardo Paulse, co-founder of Ben Franck; Alejandro Saracho, expert in finance and business development, founder of Financial Reengineering, as well as Facebook leaders who will give you tools to make social networks your allies to reach your customers.

Some of the topics these incredible speakers will address are:

  • Innovation as a way to overcome crises
  • The social entrepreneur in the coronavirus era
  • Skills for the future of work in times of crisis.
  • Electronic commerce opportunities for traditional companies.
  • Financial survival in uncertain environments.

I am sure that each conference will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need right now.

has a permanent commitment to accompany and promote entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium businesses. For this reason, with this educational offer in partnership with IEBS Business School, we seek to train the new leaders required by the future of business: capable of undertaking, innovating and creating value for their companies, their employees and society in a sustainable manner and profitable.

Together we are stronger and, therefore, I am sure that together we will build a Mexico and a continent that is bigger and better prepared for new challenges. Let's go forward!

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