Engineer or product designer? The James Dyson Foundation is looking for you

This is the third edition of the James Dyson Award in Mexico and the sixteenth worldwide in which 27 countries will participate.

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Engineer or product designer? The James Dyson Foundation is looking for you
Engineer or product designer? The James Dyson Foundation is looking for you

The James Dyson Foundation opened the registration period for the Price James Dyson, An international design competition that encourages, drives and inspires the next generation of engineers.

The competition is open to engineering, product and industrial design students, as well as those who have completed one of these careers in the past four years.

The Goal setting it’s easy: Design something to solve a problem. This can be a frustration we face in everyday life or a global problem. It is important that this solution is effective and shows that creative thinking has been taken into account.

Participants should briefly explain what their invention is made of, how it works and how it is developed.

For the first time, the 2020 edition of the James Dyson Award adds a new sustainability award that addresses a sustainability issue or needs to be incorporated into the design, material, or manufacturing process used in its proposal.

How can i participate?

You can do it individually or in groups.

For group participations, the team leader must have studied or have studied one of the aforementioned careers, and all team members must be enrolled for at least one semester (or have been in the past four years). in a bachelor’s program at a university in a country or region that is eligible for the James Dyson Prize.

The process: The recordings are first assessed at the national level before they reach the international stage. At this stage, a group of Dyson engineers select a short list of 20 international registrations. The top 20 projects are then reviewed directly by Sir James Dyson, who selects the international winner.

Candidates can participate via an online application on the competition website. The registration period ends on July 16, 2020 at midnight (GMT).

The international prize is 720,000 Mexican pesos (plus 120,000 pesos for the winner’s university), the two international semi-finalists receive 120,000 pesos and each national winner receives 48,000 pesos.

More information can be found on the official page of the price.

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