Endesa, Izertis and IBM are working together in Spain to provide energy protection to vulnerable groups

In Spain, after the tests carried out last year at the Malaga City Hall, Endesa and Izertis have an agreement on the integration, operation and maintenance of the CONFÃ ?? project funded by CTA (Andalusian Technological Corporation). A signed. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish.

The aim of this Endesa initiative is to exclude consumers who are in a serious risk situation as soon as possible so that the aid provided for in the legislation can be managed in a timely manner. Izertis, IBM business partner, will provide the service created on the IBM blockchain platform in the 20 Spanish city councils that request it. After a two month validation period, it is expected to be available to the councils and marketers who need it.

The use of CONFÃ ?? A enables city councils, marketers, and autonomous communities to identify vulnerable users at risk of social exclusion in real time and get the data they need to instantly verify that they are a person who meets the criteria for benefit the social fulfills bonus.

Endesa, Izertis and IBM are working together in Spain to provide energy protection to vulnerable groups
Endesa, Izertis and IBM are working together in Spain to provide energy protection to vulnerable groups

As they declared With the IBM blockchain technology available in IBMCloud, information can be stored in a distributed database and managed in encrypted form by all parties involved. The processes are maintained in a transparent and traceable manner, whereby the data protection regulations are observed and the right to be forgotten exists. TO

The system used so far requires, in accordance with the rules, a communication from the marketer to the Autonomous Communities, which in turn must send the information to the municipalities responsible for administering the aid. In many cases, the social services are informed of the cases in which those concerned turn to the town hall, with the file being well advanced. These delays in the flow of information can lead to problems in delaying payment and granting of the aid, ”they said in the statement.

However, the use of IBM blockchain technology makes the procedures easier and enables the flow of information immediately. Thanks to the application of the CONFÃ ?? A project, the municipalities receive the information in real time and immediately receive the data of the people who have made a non-payment for the electricity supply. Social services, in turn, can immediately match this information with their own database and contact the company to avoid a reduction in supply if it is found that the consumer meets the criteria for eligibility for aid for vulnerable consumers at risk of social exclusion, “they added.

José Ménguez, Head of Commercial Innovation at Endesa and director of this project, said:

At Endesa, we succeed in changing the paradigm for the flow of really complex information through this project that was born as an unprecedented innovation in Europe. For us, the implementation of CONFÃ ?? A our commitment to innovability (innovation in the service of sustainability), in this case using the most modern technologies such as blockchain, in the service of the most disadvantaged people. We hope that this pilot project with 20 municipalities is a solid step in demonstrating that the technology is ready to extend the benefits of the project to nationwide territory as soon as possible.

Project origins

In November 2019, Endesa signed a collaboration agreement with Malaga City Council to expedite municipal aid processing and avoid cessation of supplies to people without resources. A multidisciplinary team was formed, including social agents from the City Council, a research team from the University of Malaga, experts in blockchain architecture, a team of legal experts and information and innovation systems staff. TO

This team carried out the developments and tests during 2020 with one of the companies that work with blockchain: Izertis

Various scalability and security tests were carried out at the end of the year, initially with the Málaga City Council, the first municipality in Spain to benefit from the system. A first phase is now to be carried out with 20 city councilors so that the technology company itself can later expand the initiative to the entire national territory and carry out maintenance and operation for the next six years. This way, it is easier for other trading companies to apply this solution to a national municipality.

This initiative has become a benchmark for us that allows us to combine an enormous number of variables to create a system that democratizes the possibility of protecting vulnerable economies. The most avant-garde technology is brought together in it, combined with companies with absolute reference, and all of this focused on a common goal: protecting those who need it, ”said Pedro Gomez, Director of Business Development at Izertis.

IBM blockchain

The support used for the occasion is the IBM blockchain infrastructure available on the IBM Cloud.

This project breaks through administrative barriers that were historically unchangeable. With CONFÃ ?? A once again we are contributing to the betterment of our society by putting technology at the service of the people ???? said Javier Valencia, Vice President of Technology at IBM Spain.

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