Employer Branding: your reputation as an employer

Have you ever wondered if your company is a place where the most prominent employees want to be and stay for years?

There is not a single company that does not aspire to excellence, that is, to be the best in its field (and if there is one, it is destined to disappear soon … very soon). Also, every leader of a company knows that to stand out in its market, it requires attracting the best available talent and establishing a solid work culture.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing everything in your power to have the best professionals in your field? If your company is a place where the most prominent employees want to be and stay for years?

Employer Branding: your reputation as an employer
Employer Branding: your reputation as an employer

Just as companies invest in marketing strategies to promote their products and services, it is important that they implement a strategy to become an attractive place to work . This is known as Employer Branding.

The Employer Branding is basically the reputation that a company has as an employer. The term was coined in the United States in the early 1990s, and has been adopted by the global community to become a basic term of the Human Resources glossary.

Being an attractive workplace for workers is much more than a whim. It is, to a large extent, what allows attracting, recruiting and retaining the most valuable employees, which will ultimately achieve the objectives of the company. This strategy to present itself as a “desirable” company must be directed not only to future collaborators, but also to current workers, clients and potential investors.

For a company to attract the best talent, it is not enough to offer high salaries: it must strive to build a solid, reliable, distinctive and aspirational identity. Here are some keys to improve the Employer Branding of a business:

-Establish the mission, vision, objectives and values ​​of your company. Formulate a strategy to communicate them clearly to all your staff.

-Find what distinguishes your company from others, what is the value it offers to its current and potential employees.

– Ask yourself if your company cares about ensuring a life balance for its employees, as well as possibilities for professional growth.

-Define what are the social responsibility actions that your company performs.

-Make constant measurements to measure the performance and motivation of your employees. Set key performance indicators ( KPI ) and follow up in order to make continuous improvements.

-Formula a comprehensive plan to ensure that the company is hiring and retaining the best talent. The role of the human resources area is to find the best possible candidate for a position, and that of the marketing and communication area, to position the company as a place with an excellent organizational culture.

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