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Employees and freelancers can count on stablecoins

June 10, 2020

Bitwage announced the addition of the stablecoin USDC. This means that employees and freelancers around the world can now receive their wages in this stable currency. This was reported by Bitwage to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

Taking into account the global and regional economic situation, they said: “The global recession surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many people to take refuge in their wealth. Although we’ve seen growing interest in Bitcoin, it’s clear that the U.S. dollar is still the safest haven. Since February, Many currencies have weakened against the dollar, and as a result, of course, we find that many workers and freelancers around the world are applying to receive their salary in stable coins supported by the dollar. “

On this subject, they later added more details on this new option: “Our goal at Bitwage is to further improve the lives of employees who work remotely worldwide through financial connectivity. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of USDC as a form of payment. This means that employees and freelancers around the world can now receive their salaries with the ease of cryptocurrencies, but also with the stability of the US dollar. Companies can register to easily pay their employees anywhere in the world. Employees and freelancers can register, hold custody accounts in the United States, Europe, or the United Kingdom, and cash in at any employer or customer to receive their wages in stable coins, cryptocurrencies, or fiat currencies.“”

Payments, remote work and stable coins

Employees and freelancers can count on stablecoinsEmployees and freelancers can count on stablecoins

When asked what this means for the global remote workforce, Bitwage replied: “Our users have always had the opportunity to receive secure and private Bitcoin payments around the world. For many who don’t understand the crypto world, volatility is very digestible. With dollar-based stable coins, we can pay employees and freelancers anywhere in the world. To give these workers a stable form of currency in order to keep their money, thereby facilitating access to cheaper financial services compared to traditional banking systems. “.

Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage, said:

“During our tests, we saw a lot of interest in Latin American communities in terms of stable coin salaries. We are excited to see how this will improve the lives of communities with financially difficult systems.”

About Bitwage

Bitwage is the global service that works with payroll in crypto. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and operates in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia in the area of ​​payroll accounting.

Bitwage offers services for employers, employees and freelancers. In addition, he recently launched a 401,000 pension plan in Bitcoin alongside Leading Retirement Solutions, Gemini and Kingdom Trust.

Employees and freelancers can receive any percentage of their Bitcoin salary with unique accounts offered in the U.S., Europe, and the UK. International users can also get their salaries through blockchain technology, which is distributed in crypto or fiat as desired.

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