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Elon Musk works with Tom Cruise to make a film from space

May 6, 2020

It is a project that is in the early stages, but we are very excited!

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Elon Musk works with Tom Cruise to make a film from spaceElon Musk works with Tom Cruise to make a film from space

This story originally appeared on Cinema Premiere

By José Roberto Landaverde

Elon musk joins in with Tom Cruise, SpaceX and the NASA to make the first action film from space. And is there something that Tom Cruise can’t do? It doesn’t seem, and that will be proven by his next performance.

The above informs you IndieWire, which also mentions that so far no large studio has offered its services to fund the project, but boy! With something so ambitious, it will certainly not be long before several production companies fight for the rights to the idea.

It is not hard to imagine why the Magnat, also the owner of Tesla, chose Cruise as his partner for this next production since the famous one that has fascinated Hollywood since its participation Risky business, is known for making his own action scenes, and has repeatedly hesitated to rely on a stuntman to perform sequences that require extensive physical preparation (and great courage).

This won’t be the only time Musk tries his luck in the film industry since he was the executive producer of in 2005 Thanks for smoking, Film by Jason Reitman. He also had a small cameo in 2010 like he did in Iron Man 2 and presented the documentary in 2018 Mars: In SpaceX.

Picture: Paramount

For its part, Cruise has the next premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, In his own words, it won’t be like any other film, which producer Jerry Bruckheimer attributes to the fact that for this new adventure the plane will be completely real and the actors will actually be in the sky in these machines.

The information does not mention whether the Histrion should play the leading role, but it is common for this to happen because most of the films he produces also have leading credit. In addition, Cruise’s control over his productions can help him play the leading role in the project.

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