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Elon Musk threatens to throw Tesla out of California

May 11, 2020

The automaker planned to open its doors, but Alameda County announced that it would have to remain closed by Covid-19.

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Elon Musk threatens to throw Tesla out of CaliforniaElon Musk threatens to throw Tesla out of California

Elon musk the founder of Tesla This Saturday he threatened to move his facilities from California to Nevada or Texas. All of this as a result of that against officials Covid-19, which prevented the company from starting operations last Friday.

Via your account Twitter The billionaire said: “Tesla will now move its headquarters and future programs to Texas / Nevada immediately. Whether we will continue Fremont’s manufacturing operations will depend on how Tesla will be treated in the future.”

These warnings came after Alameda County officials announced that the company should remain closed until the end of May due to the containment measures.

Musk also said he would report to Alameda County immediately to maintain the quarantine.

Tesla immediately files a lawsuit against Alameda County. Alameda’s undelected and ignorant Pro Provisional Health Officer acts against the governor, the president, our constitutional freedoms, and common sense! ”

California Governor Gavin Newsom gave the companies permission to reopen their doors. However, he made it clear that this decision depends on the communities. In the same way Donald Trump left the decision in the hands of local authorities.

So far, according to the latest data from the local health ministry, Alameda has registered 1,961 infections and 70 people have died.

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