Elon Musk decided to sell red satin shorts to celebrate Tesla’s growth and “crashed” his website

In the past, Musk used shorts to make fun of shareholders who sell their Tesla shares early.

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Elon Musk decided to sell red satin shorts to celebrate Tesla’s growth and “crashed” his website
Elon Musk decided to sell red satin shorts to celebrate Tesla’s growth and “crashed” his website

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Tesla CEO, Elon muskHe tweeted on Sunday to announce that his electric car company was selling limited edition red satin shorts.

The price is listed on the Tesla website at $ 69,420 (just over 1,500 Mexican pesos), a reference to two popular numbers, 69 and 420. Elon Musk likes to refer to 420 that have associations with marijuana. and in 2018 he got in trouble for promising that Tesla It would be a private company again, paying $ 420 a share. June 28th tweeted: “69 days after April 20th again haha”.

The shorts have the word “S3XY” on the back, a reference to Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y vehicles.

A description of the shorts on the Tesla website reads: “Celebrate summer with Tesla shorts. Run like the wind or have fun like Liberace with our red satin design and gold trim. Relax by the pool or inside year round from home in our limited edition shorts with the Tesla logo on the front and the word “S3XY” on the back. Enjoy exceptional comfort. “

Three minutes after Musk tweeted the link to the shorts in Tesla’s online store, he tweeted “Damn, we collapsed the website”. Yahoo finance reported that Tesla’s online store became inaccessible for a short time.

Only XL-size shorts are available at the time of writing, and Tesla will apparently only sell them within the United States.

Tesla / Image Limited Edition Shorts: Tesla

Musk has an enthusiasm for launching inappropriate limited edition products on the market. Tesla has pulled out a number of surfboards in the past, and its corporation, The Boring Company, sold a giant torch called “Not-a-Flamethrower”.

The billionaire, however, has a particular preference for shorts, which he sometimes uses to mock shareholders who sell their company shares quickly, as things get a bit complicated for Tesla (known in English as Short seller).

Musk has a well-documented contempt for short sellers, Tweet in October 2018: “What you do should be illegal.” In the past, he delivered various shorts packages to billionaire short seller David Einhorn.

The CEO started Tweet about the start of red satin shorts after Tesla’s second-quarter report exceeded Wall Street expectations and increased its stake by 10 percent.

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