Eight dead and 25 injured in new riots in Baghdad, Iraq

BAGDAD, Oct. 6 (Reuters / EP) –

At least eight people have died and 25 more have been injured in new outbreaks of violence between protesters and security forces in eastern Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, according to the latest police and health sources.

The riots have concentrated in the neighborhood of Sadr City, an area of ​​Shiite majority, and raise the total death toll to more than a hundred since protests against corruption, unemployment and lack of supplies began last Tuesday .

Eight dead and 25 injured in new riots in Baghdad, Iraq
Eight dead and 25 injured in new riots in Baghdad, Iraq

Police, supported by the Army, have used real ammunition and tear gas to disperse protesters at two points in Sadr City, police sources have reported.

This same Sunday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, General Saad Maan, has reported in a televised appearance on public television that 104 people have been killed and more than 6,000 injured these six days of protests.

Among those killed are eight members of the security forces, according to Maan, who has also reported 51 public buildings and eight headquarters of political parties burned by protesters.

Saad has also assured that the security forces have never fired directly at the protesters and has condemned all attacks against the media on behalf of the Government after news of attacks on offices of various Iraqi and international media has been released.

Protests began on Tuesday, October 1, to denounce corruption, unemployment, the shortage of basic products and deficiencies in basic supplies such as electricity and drinking water. This crisis represents the greatest challenge that the prime minister has faced, who came to power a year ago with the support of the Shiite parties that govern Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

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