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Ehelp Security Solutions S.L. (ESS) announces the launch of the first GPS device with blockchain

August 23, 2020

The alchemy between implementing the blockchain and other disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things are no-nonsense and simple solutions that improve users’ daily lives. The devices equipped with secure GPS are essential these days to reassure citizens.

The safety of people is something one longs for and looks for, hence products such as the GPS that the company Ehelp Security Solutions S.L. brings to market. Thousands of people disappear every year, some are abducted, others are trafficked and still others are disappeared by the state authorities.

As of July 2019, the International Committee of the Red Cross estimated that at least 300,000 people in countries such as Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Brazil and Mexico had been reported missing and had not yet been able to resolve these cases.

Ehelp Security Solutions S.L. (ESS) announces the launch of the first GPS device with blockchainEhelp Security Solutions S.L. (ESS) announces the launch of the first GPS device with blockchain

This new technology is a solution that prevents cases from being added. The device has a small and versatile design that allows discreet use. From using it as a watch to using it as a keychain.

The device has a connection to the blockchain network CROWN, which allows data to be loaded in real time without any changes being made. This guarantees the security and transparency of the network. The immutability of the CROWN blockchain network is the basic axis of the device.

G-ME is the name of the device that this company brought to market. This promises more efficient real-time geolocation than current GPS trackers.

The device is equipped with a panic button, with which an emergency call and immediate geolocation can be issued in three seconds. In the same way, the device will contain information about the owner, emergency phone number and other additional data controlled by the owner.

However, when reading a QR code, the device information is accessed Thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology in this device, it is possible to control what kind of information can be provided.

The fusion of disruptive technologies improves the use of the device. The G-ME has a built-in GPS / 3G modem that is connected to the device application, which can be configured on a mobile phone. Information tracking starts on the device, follows the G-ME servers, and is controlled by the user authorized to connect to the device.

Pedro Herranz, CEO and Co-Founder of G-ME, said: “We are very excited to bring our G-ME tracking device with CROWN’s blockchain technology to the market to give loved ones a greater sense of security. Thanks to G-ME, family members can now feel comfortable knowing that their loved ones are in good hands with a reliable and safe GPS device. “

The myriad of applications on devices are expected to have a positive impact on the marketplace and drive for blockchain and IoT technologies. This is another boost that the blockchain has when used in devices with IoT. We recall that from within Cointelegraph we pushed the making of e-Sims also by leaps and bounds for Internet of Things technology.

These types of tangible solutions are making more and more companies dare to implement technologies of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 every day, where machine learning, Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technological advances are no longer utopias and, on the contrary, the use of these utopias is increasing, ignoring the idea that a blockchain is only intended for the World of cryptocurrencies is bound.

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