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Egypt and Haftar are offering a peace and ceasefire proposal to end the war in Libya

June 6, 2020

Egyptian President Abdelfatá Al Sisi and the rebel commander in Eastern Libya, Jalifa Haftar, made a proposal in Cairo for peace and disarmament to end the war in Libya this Saturday, along with a statement. According to an official statement, the unilateral ceasefire is beginning to begin Monday.

The announcement came after the President’s meeting with Haftar and with the President of the Parliament of Eastern Libya, Aguila Salé, this Saturday after the recent setbacks that the Marshal’s forces faced in their increasingly distant goal of conquest, Tripoli, the state capital Seat of the Libyan government recognized by the international community.

Egypt is waiting for Tripoli to decide on the announcement and wants the negotiations to be defined by “the need to withdraw foreign mercenaries from all Libyan countries and surrender their weapons as an expression of Egypt’s desire to support steps.” constructive to end the Libyan crisis, “the president said in a statement by the Egyptian media ‘Al Ahram’.