Eftpos Australia launches Hedera, the DLT pilot for micro payments

Eftpos Australia, the nation’s leading provider of point-of-sale technology, has a Partnership with Distributed Registered Technology Firm (DLT), Hedera, to perform a proof-of-concept for micro payments using a stable Australian dollar currency.

Stephen Benton, CEO of Eftpos He described the collaboration with Hedera as part of a broader digital payments innovation strategy aimed at modernizing the Australian payments sector.

The pilot project aims to show how micro payments can be used to provide innovative payment solutions, e.g. B. “Pay-per-page content or pay-per-second streaming services”.

Eftpos Australia launches Hedera, the DLT pilot for micro payments
Eftpos Australia launches Hedera, the DLT pilot for micro payments

The proof of concept is provided by a stable currency in Australian dollars via the Hedera Consensus Service.

Robert Allen, Eftpos expert and Vice President of Blockchain Australia, described the proof of concept in an interview with Cointelegraph as part of a diversification strategy that the company has developed “over the past year or two”..

“For Eftpos, diversification means being at the forefront of the future. It’s about how innovation floods the payment area and how we can be one step ahead of it,” said Allen.

Allen said Eftpos tried to partner with Hedera a few months ago because it had “professionalism, technology for business, and a growing government council.”

“You can’t really argue against a government councilor that he’s actually a co-owner of a company. [y] These include Google, FIS, Boeing, Tata, Deutsche Telekom and the list goes on, “he added.

DLT micro payments to disrupt the economy

Allen discussed some of the applications the payment company plans to make for its stable technological micro-payment system in the future, emphasizing the possibilities of “paying side by side per view” and “getting behind the paywalls and” subscriptions. “

Allen predicts this with a view to the future In addition to “subsidy payments”, Eftpos will also examine “real-time payment for content streaming” [a los consumidores] to listen to or watch content in real time. “

Allen also suggests that micro-payment research using DLT technology enables Etpos to respond to smart city innovations, driverless cars, and other automation innovations.

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