Ecuador hits 95,000 cases of coronavirus

Ecuador has surpassed 95,000 cases of coronavirus in the past few hours, after experiencing nearly a thousand cases in a single day. Quito and the Pichincha province where it is located are the epicenter of the pandemic in the country.

The Ministry of Health has reported that the total number of people infected is now 95,563, compared to 94,701 the day before, a daily increase of 862 positives.

The Ecuadorian authorities have detailed that of the total confirmed cases, 5,951 have died, 19 more than the previous day, while a further 66,099 managed to overcome COVID-19.

Ecuador hits 95,000 cases of coronavirus
Ecuador hits 95,000 cases of coronavirus

Of the territories, Pichincha is the most affected with 18,275 infected people, followed by Guayas with 17,936, followed by ManabĂ­ at a great distance with 7,144. Quito, for its part, has become the main source of infection with 16,520 people, leaving Guayaquil with 12,205.

Ecuador declared a lockdown with the outbreak of the pandemic, which has turned into a warning system through colors – red, yellow and green – to modulate the restrictions. In the red areas, there is a curfew between 6:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (local time).

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