ebit” Tokens

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“Ebit” Tokens before we do the transaction we have to deepen and know how and how we start

What are ebit tokens?

In return for financing the further development of eBit Payment, the first users are offered the opportunity to purchase new tokens. Access to such funds will allow for immediate acceleration of development. It is also an effective way to bypass traditional, much slower and more region limited, more expensive financing methods.

Token sales timeline

ebit” Tokens
ebit” Tokens

The sale of tokens will cover 21 days. It will begin on November 24, 2017 at 00:00 AM. Delaware time, and will last until October 15, 2017 or until it reaches the target amount — $ 21,600,000.00. The number and time of token sale is limited, which means that after a specified period of time or after the inventory is exhausted, the tokens will no longer be sold. After this period it will only be possible to purchase eBitcoins on cryptocurrencymarkets.


Benefits and levels of investment in the eBit Payment project

Every investor is very important to us and that is the reason every co-creator of our community receives unconditionally a premium account with a 30% lifetime return on his commissions. Premium users that will purchase at least 100 EBT will be able to order our transparent paymentcard before the official promotion.

For strategic investors we have provided additional benefits in the form of:

  • Lifetime 40% return on commission paid. Unconditional access to the eBit card before official promotion.

Investor PLATINUM * — purchasing over 300,000 EBT will receive a 50% lifetime return on commission.


I Q 2018

eBit Payment enters the market

at the closing price of ICO, that means 0,48$

eBit Payment App

enters the market

The App will contain:

First eBit Payment LLC branch in London

Grand opening of the first eBit Payment LLC branch in London

Conclusion of a contract with BIT.NXT

Conclusion of a contract with BIT.NXT INTERNATIONAL LLC — a cryptocurrency mine based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA for a transfer of EUR 100 milion.

Launch of paymentservice for the first cryptocurrency tradingplatform

II Q 2018

eBit Payment Personal Currency Exchange

Expanding eBit Payment online Currency Exchange

The application will include:

• Multi-currencywallet with vast amount cryptocurrencies and more than 40 FIAT currencies, tokens will get included to the App

• Currency Exchange Online will carry out the exchange of cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies

eBit Payment launch of second contract with cryptocurrency mine

eBit Payment Card*

The launch of the eBit Payment Card and supplying it with other currencies. An error notification system will be introduced and the card can be issued to the application.

III Q 2018

Introduction of cost management App

Introduction of cost managementmobile App for the company and employee expenses

I Q 2019

eBit Payment Bonus Points

Implementation of point and bonus system into eBit Payment App

IV Q 2019

eBit Payment Business

We will begin work on eBit Payment Business, a paymentsystem for businesses with a virtual accountant extension.

* date is dependent on external factors, such as paymentcard providers.

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eBit Payment LLC

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