E-commerce in Mexico grew by 94% due to the corona virus. How should you benefit from it?

According to SAP, 80% of companies using artificial intelligence as part of their e-commerce strategy will see a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.

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E-commerce in Mexico grew by 94% due to the corona virus. How should you benefit from it?
E-commerce in Mexico grew by 94% due to the corona virus. How should you benefit from it?

He E-commerce in Mexico and around the world it matured rapidly during the pandemic. Due to months of social distancing and remote working, consumers have increasingly made online purchases, forcing companies to increase their sales through these channels and to respond to a similar demand as in certain seasons such as the hot sale or the Buen Fin.

In terms of sales after Final results of the hot sale 2020 In Mexico, historical sales of more than 20 billion pesos were recorded with a participation of 12 million Mexicans, a value that exceeded the 2019 expenditure with a total sales of 11 billion pesos. In addition, there was a 58% increase in new customers in this issue.

“With this pandemic growth, business leaders need to implement solutions that can help them speed up their online shopping and deliveries in record time, but most importantly, continue to count on a unified experience through an omnichannel strategy. “” commented Paola Becerra, director of SAP Customer Experience in Mexico.

In this case, the policy offers three tips to help businesses maximize the opportunities to strengthen e-commerce:

1. Customer feedback is gold

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Artificial intelligence-based solutions for managing customer experiences are a trend that more and more companies are using to scan large amounts of comments and identify problems, opportunities and risks quickly and in real time. It has been found that 80% of organizations use it Artificial intelligence As part of your e-commerce strategy, you will notice a 25% increase in customer satisfaction and sales, as well as a significant reduction in costs.

2. Product update

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It is important to have an up-to-date inventory of the products, and with the help of cloud solutions, it is easier to access them and to know which of them are more popular with consumers. This helps companies improve their inventory decisions. On the other hand, consumers can recognize the existence of products in real time

3. An excellent experience is essential

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It is crucial for the success of companies that they offer their customers good experiences, both in dealing with companies and with the goods and services they have purchased. Companies have to constantly improve the buying process. Otherwise there is a risk of losing customers. It is estimated that 61% of customers decides to switch brands for a bad experience

With this in mind, 2020 will continue to look promising for this sales segment. It is important that companies with an e-commerce strategy learn the lessons from this pandemic, further improve the customer experience, and at the same time strengthen their omnichannel sales strategy.

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