Duterte criticizes the fact that the UN “originates from a bygone era” and “violates” democratic principles.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized that the United Nations was “a product of a bygone era” that “does not reflect today’s political and economic realities” and that the organization’s Security Council “violates” the principles of democratic and transparent values.

“Democracy and transparency are concepts that resonate in the corridors of the United Nations. But ironically, the Security Council, at the top of the UN structure, violates all of the principles of these values. It is neither democratic nor transparent in its presentation. Many member states have spoken out decisively and we agree: That is simply not the right thing to do, ”he said.

Duterte criticizes the fact that the UN “originates from a bygone era” and “violates” democratic principles.
Duterte criticizes the fact that the UN “originates from a bygone era” and “violates” democratic principles.

He argued that if the agency is to get the world out of the crises it is immersed in, “things have to change”. For the Philippine President, the UN must “strengthen itself by reforming itself”, because in this gesture lies “the hope for humanity”.

In addition, he has asked the United Nations General Assembly that the “privileged” countries give these other poorer nations access to vaccines against COVID-19 in order to end the pandemic.

The Philippine President complained that in the past two years “the climate crisis has worsened, inequalities worsened” and that the geopolitical balance is in a “dangerous” moment as “everything hits the poor harder”.

For Duterte, the outlook is “bleak” as the richest nations “pile up vaccines” while the neediest countries wait for “drops”. “Now there is talk of booster vaccines while developing countries are considering vaccinating half doses just to survive,” he added.

For this reason, the Filipino leader has condemned what he believes is an “egoistic act” that is neither rationally nor morally justifiable, as the pandemic “will not end unless the virus is defeated”.

“We urge our privileged partners to fully support COVAX (…) We need this to save more lives, break the cycle of variants and ensure the recovery of the world economy,” he said before the general assembly of the Nations from.

On the other hand, with regard to climate change, Duterte has claimed that this crisis highlights “the vulnerabilities of countries around the world” and criticized that the countries that suffer most from climate change are “least responsible”.

“We are at a critical turning point where inaction leads to catastrophic consequences for all of humanity,” said the Philippine President, who has recognized “his share of the responsibility” and assured that “he will do his part to bring it about.” Avoiding disaster. Collective “with the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent by 2030.

In addition, the Asian country has passed a moratorium on the construction of new coal-fired power plants and will examine options for nuclear power. However, Duterte has pointed out that these measures “are pointless when the biggest polluters” are “doing business as usual”.

“We appeal to urgent climate protection measures, especially to those that can really make the difference,” added the Philippine head of state, but stressed that ecological change must take into account the economic aspirations of developing countries and otherwise we would face a new “parody of justice ” stand.

In relation to Afghanistan, Duterte also criticized the fact that all nations and citizens of the world “pay the price for the misfortunes of a few that lead to humanitarian catastrophes”.

“The Philippines, in line with its long tradition of humanitarian aid, has opened doors for the citizens of Afghanistan, especially women and children fleeing the conflict,” he said.

Similarly, regarding the Rohingya minority in Burma, the Filipino leader has reported that the Justice Department will work closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop a cooperation program that matches Filipino capabilities.

“In a deep geopolitical shift, it is vital that all countries, large and small, commit to the rule of law. Completely. Because the world without justice is a world of catastrophe, ”he added.

Another issue the President of the Philippines raised was the democratic progress of his nation, despite recognizing that many Filipino citizens have emigrated to work in other countries facing “inhuman” conditions.

“We demand the abolition of all structures that enable the exploitation of all structures that enable the exploitation and oppression of migrant workers,” such as the ‘Kafala system’, which monitors migrant workers, especially in Islamic countries.

“The ‘Kafala system’ is one of those giants that chain the weak, the desperate and the voiceless to an existence of unimaginable suffering,” denounced Duterte, who called for this “unjust system” to be dismantled.

Finally, the Philippine President reaffirmed his commitment to the citizens of the Asian country to guarantee security, peace and equality for all.

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