During a police operation in Venezuela, an inmate and 37 miners are confiscated by ASIC Bitcoin

A 53-year-old man in western Venezuela was arrested on the premise of computer crime after seizing 37 ASIC miners for Bitcoin in a building. As the Carababo State Police reported on January 12, 2021 on their official Instagram account.

According to police, the man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was captured from the country after a police operation in the El Encanto urbanization, El Oasis sector, municipality of Tocuyito, west of the city of Valencia in the state of Carabobo.

The official information indicates that the machines were seized after an inspection of an open field This serves as a parking lot for heavy machinery and places a container with the 37 devices that were in operation at the time of the police operation within the property boundaries.

During a police operation in Venezuela, an inmate and 37 miners are confiscated by ASIC Bitcoin
During a police operation in Venezuela, an inmate and 37 miners are confiscated by ASIC Bitcoin

Troops became aware of cryptocurrency mining while inspecting the site after hearing: “an unusually loud noise “ from the container in which the mining equipment was located, without permission.

The police say that a Chevrolet vehicle and a blue Soneview CPU were confiscated during the operation and referred the case to the prosecutor.

The proceedings sparked almost immediate reactions in the official report from PoliCarabobo, the police authority responsible for the respective proceedings. Some users pointed out that cryptocurrency mining is legal in Venezuela, along with others Make sure_ale They objected to the claim that the detainee was not responsible. definitely an employee.

Mining cryptocurrencies in Venezuela: legal or illegal?

It is not the first time Venezuela has been arrested for cryptocurrency mining. This controversial topic has already been reported extensively in the Latin American country, especially in the west of the country, in Cointelegraph and other specialist media.

However, The energy crisis affecting the South American country, and in particular the west of the country, has been the driving force behind the seizure and arrest of people related to the mining of cryptocurrenciesdespite the current legal framework that regulates the activity and allows it to act.

According to the superintendency of crypto assets and related activities “Sunacrip”, the national body in charge of regulating the sector in Venezuela, Miners may have a license to practice that certifies the operation of the farm or mining center. under the approval of the national electricity company «Corpoelec».

It goes without saying that any activity that is not properly registered with the regulatory authority is a reason for action by the enforcement agencies until their legality is proven.

Despite the above, Some Venezuelan cryptocurrency miners have denounced Be the subject of extortion cases that make it difficult for them to carry out their activities domestically, but how accepted in the past the superintendent for crypto assets in Venezuela.

Legal or not, those who live in the country They are fueling an increase in mining activity within the territory by actors of all kinds, fueled by Bitcoin’s upward price cycle and the cheap energy being extracted in the country.

Despite the lack of electricity and internet connection Even the Venezuelan army recently signaled to launch a national cryptocurrency mining project to make their access to resources independent for the blocking of foreign accounts motivated by the US sanctions against the Venezuelan government.

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