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Duke and Pompeo reiterate the urgency of “credible elections” in Venezuela

January 20, 2020
El secretario de Estado de Estados Unidos, Mike Pompeo, y el presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque (Imagen de archivo)

The Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, and the President of Colombia, Iván Duque (File Image) – Rafael Hernandez / dpa – Archive


The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, and the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, have reiterated this Monday the urgency of having a “credible election” in Venezuela that will allow an end to the political and humanitarian crises that the nation is suffering Caribbean

Duke and Pompeo reiterate the urgency of “credible elections” in VenezuelaDuke and Pompeo reiterate the urgency of “credible elections” in Venezuela

Duque and Pompeo have offered an appearance at the end of the meeting they have held on the occasion of the III Hemispheric Conference to Combat Terrorism, which is being held these days in Bogotá, in which they have addressed “bilateral and hemispheric issues”.

At the regional level, both have focused on the “dictatorship” of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. Duque has reiterated “the urgent call for free and credible elections in Venezuela” as a way out of the political crisis.

The first task of the Venezuelan transition, the Colombian president has indicated, must be “the activation of an economic recovery plan, and that there comes the confluence of the international community.

The tenant of the Casa de Nariño recalled that “more than six million people may have left Venezuela in recent years,” of which Colombia welcomes 1.6 million with the consequent “fiscal and social pressure.”

In this regard, he has again insisted on the need for the international community to help the countries of the region to deal with the Venezuelan exodus. In the case of Colombia, it has detailed that it requires support in the area of ​​health care for migrants.

“We are clear that the only way that this can be resolved is when a credible transition begins in Venezuela,” he said, advancing that he will make this appeal in “all regional instances, including the TIAR, so that” the political transition is what as quickly as possible. ”

Along the same lines, Pompeo has considered that “the world must continue supporting the efforts of the Venezuelan people to return to democracy”, recalling the “great impact” that the “enormous humanitarian crisis in Venezuela caused in Colombia and throughout the region has on by the Maduro regime. ”

The United States “will continue to prioritize its relations in the region and will continue to build alliances to have a hemisphere of freedom,” he confirmed, noting that the majority of the inhabitants of the American continent “reject authoritarianism and embrace freedom.”

On the other hand, Pompeo has pointed out the good state of bilateral relations. Specifically, it has valued Colombian cooperation in the fight against “the financial activity of groups that are financed by Iran.”

He also highlighted the “active role” of Colombia in the fight against terrorism, recalling in this regard the attack carried out a year ago by the National Liberation Army (ELN) in a police academy in Bogotá, which resulted in 22 dead and dozens of wounds

He also commented “the joint commitment to fight drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime.” Duque has emphasized that in 2019 Colombia broke “record” in the manual eradication of illicit crops and seizures.

Pompeo has also highlighted the way the Duke Government had to respond to the demonstrations against it last year, “with respect for human dignity and calling for national dialogue.” “Colombia is the champion of freedom,” he has come to say.

Already at the bilateral level, Duque has thanked the United States for supporting its “peace with legality” policy and its “development with territorial approach in areas especially hit by violence”.

In this context, Duque has expressed his desire to “continue strengthening the relationship between the United States and Colombia.”

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