DTV February Sales

CES Media Release Mar 24, 2000

Factory-to-dealer sales of digital television (DTV) display devices reachedtheir second highest total ever this February by surpassing 22,000 units,according to figures released today by the Consumer Electronics Association(CEA).

February’s sales total of 22,844 units is second only to the December 1999figures, and brings total sales since the introduction of DTV (in August of1998) to 178,254 units. February’s robust sales represent a 578 percent increaseover the February 1999 figure. In the first two months of 2000 alone, sales ofDTV displays total 43,852 units. That figure is almost 5,500 units more than thetotal for the first eight months of 1999.

DTV February Sales
DTV February Sales

“DTV is off to a strong start in 2000. Programming from the majornetworks has been helpful,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA.”But, without more and better support from affiliates, DTV penetration willslow. The overall commitment by local broadcasters to provide highdefinition-originated content has been lackluster at best. To put the DTVtransition in the fast lane, broadcasters need to provide more substantial HDTVprogramming. If broadcasters will provide this type of commitment, we can reachor exceed 50 percent penetration by 2006.”

CEA projects that the first 10 million DTV units will be sold by 2003, the
next 10 million in 2004 and 2005, and 10.8 million to be sold in 2006.
CEA is a sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). CEA represents morethan 600 U.S. companies involved in the development, manufacturing anddistribution of audio, video, mobile electronics, communications, informationtechnology, multimedia and accessory products, as well as related services, thatare sold through consumer channels. Combined, these companies account for morethan $60 billion in annual sales.

CEA also sponsors and manages the International CES – Your Source forWorkstyle and Lifestyle Technology. All profits from CES are reinvested intoindustry services, including technical training and education, industrypromotion, engineering standards development, market research and legislativeadvocacy. For more information on CES, visit,the interactive source for CES news.

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