Dress like the leader you are: 6 secrets of the female image

In the business world, having a good product or service is not enough. For better or for worse picture of the company director has a significant influence on the outcome of the negotiations. And nobody doubts: a good image also sells.

David Navarro, CEO of Imagen Excellence Consultores, an expert in creating and projecting the public image of companies, brands and executives, sees it this way: “When a woman is negotiating, she seeks long-term relationships. The image it conveys is crucial in order to get a good impression of yourself as well as of the product and the company it represents.

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Dress like the leader you are: 6 secrets of the female image
Dress like the leader you are: 6 secrets of the female image

For this reason, it is important for women entrepreneurs to take care of their public image as it not only reflects their personality but also that of the company they represent.

Consider the following tips to get the most out of your professional image.

1. Define your essence

Image: Bibarys Ibatolla via Unsplash

Are you serious and elegant or more jovial and funny? Before deciding which image to project abroad, define your personality traits and try to capture them in your hairstyle, clothes and makeup. The idea is that you are comfortable with your picture and not hide under a costume. The good news: You don’t have to wear a bespoke suit and stilettos to convey a professional image these days.

2. Identify your traits and get the most out of them

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Know your body shape and find out which clothes suit you best. You can go to a professional image expert who will tell you which styles, sizes, and colors will work for you and which are better to avoid.

3. Know your physical characteristics

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By and large, there are four types of female silhouettes: apple, rectangle, pear, and hourglass. Find out which type you belong to to find out which cuts, patterns and accessories will suit you best. If you have a rectangular body, it may be better to avoid straight pants and prefer flared pants.

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4. Know the shape of your face

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This is crucial in determining which haircut is right for you. This allows you to be cared for faster in the morning and to accentuate your face.

5. Determine your color palette

Image: Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

Which nuances suit you best depending on your face, eyes and skin? Find out if cool or warm tones suit you best and use this information to help you choose the shade for your hair or makeup.

6. Identify your style

Image: Alexandru Zdrobău via Unsplash

There are seven basic styles: natural, classic, elegant, romantic, creative, seductive and dramatic. In realizing which one you belong to, you will find that with what suits you best, you don’t have to look like someone else to be successful.

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