Don’t suffer from gaining weight! Here are two routines you can do from home

Now that the coronavirus sent several people to work from home, we leave you some exercise routines in case you are one of those who went to the gym daily

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Don’t suffer from gaining weight! Here are two routines you can do from home
Don’t suffer from gaining weight! Here are two routines you can do from home

Do not despair for not being able to go to the gym these days, and so that you do not go crazy and feel that you do not exercise we bring you these that you can do at home and that are ideal for toning, keeping moving and working the body during these days of coronavirus .

They are exercises that people with different levels of preparation can do, since they represent simple and easy movements to perform. All you need is a mat.

Photo: Jessica Suárez

Jessica Suárez Aguilar, psychologist and trainer, and Tupac Reyes Martínez, personal trainer, comment that these exercises raise our heart rate above normal, combining with exercises to tone the different muscle groups. All this must be accompanied by a good diet that you can also prepare from home.

Each exercise will be performed in three series of between 15 to 20 repetitions with breaks of 40 seconds (they are important).

An express routine

Jumping Jacks. For 30 seconds. It consists of performing jumping jacks in a standing position. Starting from feet together and hands resting on the hips, perform jumps by opening and closing legs and arms simultaneously. Push-ups: 15 in total.

Squat on the wall. For 30 seconds. Perform this resistance exercise with your back flat against the wall and your legs at 90 degrees.

Skipping. For 30 seconds. Standing and without moving from the place, raise the knees up alternating jumping on the balls of the feet.

Side iron. For 15 seconds on each side. It is an exercise to strengthen the abdominal area. It is a movement similar to that of the front plate but sideways. To do this, we will place a mat on the floor and lie down on our sides.

With one hand resting on it and the other close to the body, we will rise until we only have one arm resting and our feet on the ground. Rest: 10 seconds.

Mountain Climbers. For 30 seconds. In the front plank position on your hands, bring your knees to your chest, alternating your legs and bouncing on the balls of your feet. Rest: 10 seconds.

Shadow boxing. For 30 seconds. Box in the air with small jumps forward and backward. The jumps must take place with both feet at the same time, pivoting on the back when you go back and on the front when you go forward.

Jumping squat. For 30 seconds. Perform a regular squat with a small jump in the lift and bring both arms back at the same time with the palms of your hands open. Push-ups: 15.

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