Don’t panic! The supply of products and services is guaranteed: CCE

The Business Coordinating Council encouraged citizens NOT to make panic purchases or hoard products.

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Don’t panic! The supply of products and services is guaranteed: CCE
Don’t panic! The supply of products and services is guaranteed: CCE

The spread of COVID-19 has created a feeling of insecurity and collective fear in different populations. For this reason, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) encouraged Mexicans NOT to make panic purchases. Also, the agency said that the supply of basic products and services is guaranteed for the entire country.

“The countryside, industry and commerce are prepared to face the contingency against the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The country has sufficient resources to guarantee food, processed and canned products, cleaning and hygiene items to all Mexicans . There are sufficient inventories to supply merchandise to families, homes, hotels and restaurants, “the business body said in a statement.

Since cases of COVID-19 coronavirus began to be known in the country, greater flows of people have been reported in supermarkets in different parts of the country , mainly buying toilet paper and cleaning products.

Some pharmacies begin to limit the number of items, such as disinfectant gels, that customers can take with each purchase.

The CCE considers that it is not necessary to hoard products and made a call to avoid panic purchases , since the supply is guaranteed for families, hotels and restaurants.

In addition, he indicated that the business sector is in constant contact with federal and state authorities to guarantee transportation and supply at points of sale for the population. Self-service, departmental and specialized stores will strengthen the use of multi-channel sales and especially home delivery .

“It is of the utmost importance that we all contribute, in the coming weeks, to containing the exponential spread of the virus, according to the recommendations of the health authorities. To face this difficult time, Mexicans have to be united and demonstrate our solidarity, discipline and maturity. If we all do our part, we are sure that we will move forward, “the agency reiterated.

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