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Don’t miss the week’s most important news! Check out Emprendenews

October 31, 2020

IKEA is reprinting the publication of its 2021 catalog and other news, delaying them by less than 5 minutes.

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Don’t miss the week’s most important news! Check out Emprendenews
Don’t miss the week’s most important news! Check out Emprendenews

We know that as a good entrepreneur, you often don’t have time to check out key news every week. That’s why we’re bringing you Emprendenews, our weekly summary of the most important information in the ecosystem.

Here we leave you a brief summary and the links if you want to know the notes in detail. Press start!

Video editing: Luis Peagui

INCmty kicks off on Monday and that’s all you will see at the largest Spanish speaking entrepreneurship event!

Image: INCmty2020

Josué Delgado, Director of INCmty, announced the news of the 2020 Festival, which will take place in virtual form from November 2nd to 6th. In its eighth edition, its main axis is “Digital inclusion and a sustainable future “to promote the narrowing of the digital divide and promote social development towards a sustainable future.

Do you have a heroin company? Take part in this ranking, which recognizes all companies with purpose and heart


In seeking support for organizations in building more positive, happier, and more productive jobs, and in recognizing those organizations that are already taking the appropriate steps, the consulting firm LIVE 13.5º decided to use the Heroin company ranking.

‘Marlboro World’ says goodbye: Philip Morris is leaving cigars in Mexico

Image: high-level street

Philip Morris, the company that markets the Marlboro cigar brand, announced that it will leave its cigars in Mexico, a market it has a 65% stake in, to encourage other forms of smokeless tobacco use with its IQOS device .

Google delivers US election results in real time in 70 languages

Image: Google via PC Mag

Google has partnered with The Associated Press (AP) to deliver “authoritative” results before and in the days after the 2020 US election.

IKEA is reprinting the 2021 catalog for one picture and is delaying it

Image: / IKEA via digital catalog

IKEA had reprinted all of its catalogs for 2021. The reason? The material contained a picture that, according to the company, could be interpreted as racist.