Don’t miss Tel Aviv University’s 2020 Innovation Day

Make innovation a part of your life. Take part in this event organized by Tel Aviv University. This will be done via streaming on September 29th, 30th and October 1st.

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Don’t miss Tel Aviv University’s 2020 Innovation Day
Don’t miss Tel Aviv University’s 2020 Innovation Day

This Tuesday is the third edition of Innovation Day 2020organized by the Friends of Tel Aviv University in Mexico. This is a first-time streaming event where you will learn about future trends not only in business, but also in medicine, research and even everyday life.

Israel, where Tel Aviv University is located, is a Middle Eastern country with an area of ​​22,145 km2 (slightly larger than the state of Hidalgo), home to 9 million people. Two thirds of its territory is desert and has no other natural resources.

This country had to face five wars and countless waves of terrorism, but has recovered and is now characterized by the fact that it generates the highest number of patents in the world and is the country with the highest number of engineers per capita.

In addition, it has spawned countless companies that bring forth constant innovations and technologies in business, science and technology.

Do more innovation in Mexico

How can Mexico follow in their footsteps? Karen Rossow, director of the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Mexico, explains that we need to change our mentality.

“Israeli culture is different, as Mexicans we are more traditionalists, we know things and we see them that way. We have to see how the world is and how it is changing or developing. The pandemic is a clear example: we are all involved in computers, from children to the elderly, we are connected. So we need to get rid of the taboos and understand that technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are for everyone and progress in the world. “

This is exactly what they teach at Tel Aviv University “to change the chip,” explains Karen. The association that he runs is sought every year by Mexican students who want to continue their elementary or college studies at the Israeli university.

To help them with scholarships, it occurred to them three years ago to organize them Innovation dayaiming to bring innovation leaders to the Mexican public in order to awaken the innovative gene through valuable conversations.

Photo: TUA Mexico

Innovation Day 2020

The two pre-event editions had been face to face. However, with the pandemic, organizers took advantage of technology to have more Israeli specialists.

The directive invites all citizens, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, the elderly and the young, to part with what we are experiencing for three days and learn about innovation.

“Innovation is not just for entrepreneurs or children, but for everyone. We want them to connect to a new world, to clear their heads and to be inspired by these conversations, ”emphasizes Karen.

From this Tuesday to October 1st, the day when you can find out about technological and scientific advances in the fight against cancer and COVID, you will learn more about the topic of technology transfer and patents. how to use the value of something or what luck has to do with innovation.

You can also listen to Tal Dvir, Director of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology and Founding Director of the Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology at Tel Aviv University, who, among other things, 3D printed the first heart with cells and transplanted it into an animal. You can find the full agenda here.

Participation in this event costs 570 pesos. The proceeds go to the TAU Scholarship Fund for Mexican Students. Don’t miss this innovation day. Get your access here.

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