Don’t mention the… pub’s ‘swear box’ for nuptials

The Alexandra Hotel will even fine people with a “swear box” for those who let slip anything about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day.

The landlady, Anna Dyson-Edge, also fined people for chatting about Prince William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011, and brought the idea back this year after raising £400 for charity.

Landlady Anna Dyson-Edge at The Alexandra Hotel in Derby
Image:Landlady Anna Dyson-Edge says she’s not anti-royal, but enjoys a chance to raise money for charity

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Don’t mention the… pub’s ‘swear box’ for nuptials
Don’t mention the… pub’s ‘swear box’ for nuptials

Posters have gone up around the pub showing the royal couple with red crosses through their faces.

The posters read: “Royal Wedding Free Zone! Please refrain from discussing the Royal Wedding. We’re not interested in it, let’s talk about beer or the weather instead – or something more interesting…”

Anyone who mentions it will put money in a box, with the collection going to the Nightingale Cancer Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital.

One of the posters on display at the pub
Image:One of the posters on display at the pub

Ms Dyson-Edge said: “We banned any mention of the event when William and Kate got married and we managed to raise £400. It isn’t the regulars who get caught out, it’s mainly people who pop in for the first time.

“(The idea) came from the regulars for William and Kate’s wedding and this one is the same – the regulars came in and said they are sick of hearing about it.

“So we have banned it and it’s a good way of raising money for charity.”

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She said even though it’s banned, she is not anti-royal, but enjoys any opportunity to raise money for charity.

The Alexandra Hotel is not going to take advantage of the extra hour it can stay open on Saturday night, closing at its usual time of midnight.

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