Don’t get lost in the thread of decisions, learn to seek help

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Don’t get lost in the thread of decisions, learn to seek help
Don’t get lost in the thread of decisions, learn to seek help

In the 14 years I’ve been advising entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there is a direct link between an entrepreneur’s success and his ability to learn new things about his business.

We generally learn by trying it out. It is very rewarding to make your own discoveries, and when we start a business, most of the things we do in it are our own discoveries, and we enjoy them.

In addition, learning that is achieved through experience is something that remains forever.

The problem with learning as follows: It needs a lot of time.

Earlier this year, my wife and I decided to collect fallen acorns in a park that we haunted to plant them and eventually have some seedlings.
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How hard can it be to plant an acorn?

Of the 10 we only “planted” one, we obviously didn’t expect that.

We hoped the 10 had sprouted and we had no idea what we had done wrong: we took the acorns, put them in a pot of soil we bought in a nursery, buried them and poured water on them .. .

What else should we have done? If it is one of the oldest things we do as humans (planting seeds) and it is the simplest and most logical in the world, it is something that we have done with kindergarten since kindergarten, and in this so simple and logical In case we failed.

I didn’t want to give up and my plan was to replant another 10 acorns, but now add a little more water. Barbara (my wife) didn’t agree so much and suggested that we better investigate how to do it online.

I wanted to die, how come we are investigating how to sow an acorn? It cannot be that we cannot solve something as simple as planting an acorn without help!

It was already a marriage lawsuit and we agreed that she would do what she wanted with her acorns, and I did the same with mine. How could anyone tell me how to plant an acorn (which alludes to kidney beans) if it’s the easiest in the world? I said to myself.

And so the time passed. Three weeks later my wife has 13 seedlings and I have one and she is on the verge of death.

The first thing my wife discovered is that acorns tend to germinate when they have fallen from the tree little, since we did not know when they fell from the tree. It can be assumed that they have had a while. So someone on the internet recommended that I put all acorns in a container of water that no longer worked (obviously I didn’t and planted all).

The second thing he discovered was that when you remove a piece of tail with scissors or a knife, the acorn takes less time to germinate. Of course, I didn’t do that and sowed them the way they were.

The third thing is that if you put them in a container with very wet cotton and leave them in a closed and dark place, the acorns will germinate faster and you can then plant them, I put them directly in damp soil.

And finally, my wife left them in a closed place (which was already grounded after germination) with enough water for a week before they were put in the sunlight, of course without saying what I did.

My point is the following:

I could have reached the same point where Barbara got there, I could have discovered that her tails are cut off, that those who float, do not work, germinate in the dark, etc. etc. etc. But to discover all of this would have cost me at least a few years and took a lot of effort.

It took my wife 15 minutes to acquire this knowledge, and it took four hours to implement.

We don’t have to invent a thread to learn from experience, but I think that’s exactly what we do when we start a project, company, or crisis. We want to find the black thread completely ourselves.

Learning happens through experience, and this is based on experiments that can be done through a video or reading a book.

Today we are experiencing a crisis that could have catastrophic consequences for many companies around the world. An entrepreneur has less time to find the black thread. In other words, we don’t have years to determine that floating acorns don’t work. We need an abbreviation.

Coincidentally, today we live in a time when more books, more videos, more tutorials, more articles and more knowledge exist at the lowest possible price.

Just open it YouTube and look for something like, “The best investments to survive a crisis,” “How do I sell online,” or “How do I advertise on Google?” and you’ll find endless information to put into practice. or … you can spend a few years of your life finding the thread that you choose.

In a crisis, we have fewer opportunities to find the black thread simply because there is NO time, so you have to make informed decisions as quickly as possible.

Learn to seek help, read a book, download a course, or find tutorials online, not so that you take them literally, but so that you can use them as a guide to experiment with what you have discovered and on to build a black thread already found.

From my own experience (I have written a book on delegating), I can tell you that what a book of this kind contains is years of trial and error. You could acquire this knowledge for a ridiculous amount of money (150 pesos) and be close to the author’s level in less than a month.

Stop searching completely for the black thread and devote yourself to building on black threads that have already been found. You have no time.

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