Don’t get divorced from business! Spend time with your partner

Relationships as a couple are complicated and even more complicated when it comes to business. These recommendations will help you find a place on your business agenda where you can spend time with your partner.

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Don’t get divorced from business! Spend time with your partner
Don’t get divorced from business! Spend time with your partner

It’s a fact. Partner relationships are as complex as people themselves, and in my experience the equation is complicated when one or both develop a business. s are usually so tied to their projects that it is sometimes difficult for them to find space on their agenda to devote themselves to other topics, such as: B. spending more time with your partner.

Do you really have no time? Of course they do. I know a lot of couples where everyone has their own business and who usually take the time to be together without the meetings, interviews, meals with new customers or company activities having a pleasant moment in the company Ways stand. Indeed, everyone should find an understanding ally in their partner. If the couple becomes stable data, on which we can open a bracket in daily life, this means a competitive advantage for every entrepreneur. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are looking for spaces to enjoy the moments that can only be built with which we want to share life.

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But how am I supposed to give myself time for other things if this business is to work? Very correct! When we start an entrepreneurial project and try to grow it and become a great company, we usually get fully involved. It seems to me that the saddest part of these considerations is that the time we stop sharing with our partner (who is ultimately a family) is an opportunity that does not return. It may sound clichéd, but from the perspective of those of us who have decided to do so, we know exactly what it means to miss an opportunity.

Take your time to drink the upcoming glass of wine, go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon or just have a meal in a hurry, which can make sense of the challenges that the path of the entrepreneur poses for us. In my view, these spaces are the ones that transform into perfect environments to make plans, find new ways to meet daily challenges, overcome fears, and remember that life is wonderful.

What do you think when they plan to go to a museum next Sunday? I also remember having a series, printing and ordering family photos, reading their favorite passages from a few books, or dining outside. And remember not to take any work – neither physically nor in your head – computers and children. Here I share some tips to find time to spend with your partner outside of business

Make a list of pending activities with your partner / picture: Taylor Hernandez on Unsplash

  • Do one Activity list In anticipation of your partner: attend an open-air cinema event, visit friends who live abroad, adopt a pet, find the hidden museum and watch the movie they love so much.
  • Assign a date in a common way and that makes sense with everyone’s activities. This agenda must be very flexible so that it does not become a further pressure, but a motivation to meet.
  • Make a mutual commitment to mobile phones and dodging other devices while they are in the room dedicated to the couple.
  • Have a lot Clarity about what these spaces mean and what they want to do with it. It is not just another task that has to be accomplished, but creating scenarios to strengthen the bond and set other goals.
  • Strives to be times of the highest quality translates into enjoyable experiences so that in the end they look for the valuable reunions that strengthen us as people and as life partners.

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