Don’t close your restaurant !: Better get it online

The new normal will increasingly rely on digital. Do you already have a plan?

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Don’t close your restaurant !: Better get it online
Don’t close your restaurant !: Better get it online

2020 was a challenge for restaurants and businesses who saw home delivery applications as an opportunity to continue their business. However, the solution in many cases led to new headaches when entering a completely different cost structure with commission payments of up to 30% without having access to data that would enable them to strengthen loyalty programs and knowledge of customers, thereby giving them control the business is lost.

If in the first few months of the pandemic the main obstacle for 85% of the The restaurant sector was the lack of digitizationAccording to data from Deloitte and the National Chamber of Restaurants and Experienced Food Industries (Canirac), which particularly impacted home delivery, the challenge for the sector is to go further: more and more restaurants are checking their profitability lies in relief the digitization of order and payment management, logistics service and profitable investment in marketing strategies that ensure sales and future profitability.

With this in mind, Rodrigo Segal and Nicolás López, founders of the Chilean startup Justo, have helped restaurants take control of their business by enabling their digital independence by creating their own website with an online point of sale and a delivery service. Share five recommendations that will not only help you survive but also generate a business model that will lay new foundations for the development of the entire sector.

1. Bet on comprehensive digitization services

Make it clear what you expect from your digitization process according to the requirements of your company. This makes it easier for you to reduce the number of providers you need and eases your path to digital adoption. Choose providers with comprehensive solutions that offer several important services for your company in one package: from designing your website with an online point of sale to home delivery service – if necessary – to a business accelerator. Focus on digital marketing, with where you can position your brand and increase your sales.

2. Allocate as little seed capital as possible

Your digitization does not have to have a negative impact on the profitability of your company. Choose platforms that give you accessible technology tools with low commissions, especially if you’re on your way to digital adoption for greater benefits and better responsiveness to your customers’ needs at a low cost. Don’t settle for the most popular solutions, find and rent those that best suit your economic needs and production capacity.

3. Be wise in your investment

The digitization of your company must aim to strengthen it. So, in the broadest sense, choose those service providers who are your ally: They understand that you are their main customer and provide you with the tools you need to help you grow. . Choose solutions that not only offer you services to solve your immediate technological problems –like selling online or providing a service delivery– accompany you in the implementation of digital marketing strategies that enable you to achieve real growth. A weekly growth of at least 10% of the collected sales is ideal.

4. Form community

The success of the technology introduction does not end with the digitization of your processes. In order for you to create continuity through technology and grow your business, you need to invite your customers to consume through your processes digital channels. Let your guests know that by ordering directly on your website, they are supporting the entire value chain: the company, the employees, the deliverers and the end customer themselves, as the number of commissions decreases and your profits increase as there are no intermediaries. for the good of all.

5. Remember that evolution is important

The new digital environment requires a re-evaluation of business processes and new ways to connect with your customers in order to respond to their needs. Undoubtedly, technology is a fundamental element that, when used correctly, will help you regain control of your business, maintain its continuity, and fuel its long-term growth.

The new normal will increasingly rely on digital. Just in 2021, two in ten companies and brands expect online consumption to account for more than 30% of their total sales, according to the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO). The catering and home delivery services do not escape this trend.

For traditional restaurants as well as family restaurants and those still planning to open, it is important to take action that will benefit the entire industry. This means that digital tools no longer need to be considered in order to “participate in it while all of this is happening”. because it is the reality in which business will develop in the coming months. The most important thing is to rely on comprehensive digital services that accompany you throughout the process and support your digital independence so that you can continue to grow.

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